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Is the Pro Bowl in Hawaii?? When & where?? Are you as crazy about football as us mainlanders??!!

-- Marcia Peak (, January 28, 1999


Sure is 8))) Sunday after Superbowl at Aloha Stadium. Don't know what time. I think it usually starts about 1 or 2 Hawaii time so it is like a Sunday/Monday night game time for you folks. Are we as crazy, of course, except we don't have a pro team here. Want to hear the best?...Teri has been asked by Ihilani Hotel to do a week long demo there (Mon-Sat). So what you say? It's the hotel hosting the Probowl. Probowl buys out the whole hotel for the players, wives, families, and league big wigs. Cool , eh? Made a delivery there this week and they have a temporary field with goal posts and all painted up with the Probowl emblem at the 50. Of course Teri will need an assistant to carry her art and stuffs. Guess who? Ask me next week who I got to meet. Don't have tickets to the game, but this is a pretty good assignment 8)))))

-- Roy Inouye (, January 29, 1999.

Sounds really exciting!!!!

-- marcia peak (, January 30, 1999.

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