Y2K in Spanish, French, or Russian

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Translations of The Year 2000: Social Chaos or Social Transformation

Spanish: http://www.berkana.org/articles/y2k_spanish.html

French: http://www.y2kbelgium.org/social.htm

Russian: http://www.citeweb.net/year2000/socialruss.htm

-- Critt Jarvis - Wilmington, NC (critt@critt.com), January 28, 1999


Critt, you must have ESP! Right after my forum fix I was going to look for a Spanish Y2K site for a friend from the Dominican Republic. Thanks for the big timesaver.

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), January 29, 1999.

Anybody know of any shorter, more concise, articles in Spanish?

-- David Hammer (davidone@worldnet.att.net), January 29, 1999.

for spanish y2k sites, check out ed yourdon's resources list. there are several spanish sites mentioned. if you want individual countries' websites in spanish, check out the international site on yourdon's list.

i assume the friend in DR has done a search on AltaVista in spanish. in addition, i would recommend doing a search on a site like www.dogpile.com.

use A2K or A2M to search in spanish, french, portugese, italian. use J2K to search in german (j=jahr). hope this helps.

-- jocelyne slough (jonslough@tln.net), January 31, 1999.

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