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I'm looking for info about the Ingleside, especially the area around Cayuga and Geneva streets (Cayuga Terrace?). I understand Cayuga used to be a channel for Islais Creek, which formed Lake Geneva between Niagara and Geneva streets. What was the old name for this neighborhood? Info on the Spring Valley Water Co. also would be appreciated, as I "dug up" evidence that they installed a 30-inch water pipe (which I think was destroyed in '06) in the neighborhood as early as 1867. It's under a right-of-way that still cuts through the neighborhood. Who was living there back then, and what did it lo

-- Tyler Davidson (, January 28, 1999


The area you describe is listed on the Assesor's Map of 1915 as the West Eng Map. In terms of Block Numbers. the area includes blocks 6954,6958,6959,6961,6964,7029,7095 and 7096. The public buildings in this area include Balboa High School, Alemany Emergecy Hospital, San Miguel Child Care Center, James Denman Jr High School, Geneva Car Barn and the Cayuga District Playground.

The developers promoted tha area by assigning the names of various American Indian tribes to the streets. They purchased the land from the Southern Pacific RR.

Good luck on your research.

-- kurt Iversen (, February 01, 1999.

The San Francisco Water Works was organized in June 1857 to supply water to the town from Lobos Creek, out near the Presidio. It was later absorbed by the Spring Valley Water Works, which was incorporated in June 1858. Spring Valley Water Works was bought by the city in the 1930s.

-- Pearl Renaker (, February 16, 2001.

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