would like any info on the LaSalle and Bureau County RR

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subject says it all, im looking for info, pictures, etc. on the LaSalle and Bureau County RR. I have heard that there was an article on it in the late 50s or so in Railroad Model Craftsman. I have found some pictures and odds and ends in mid 80s Trains and Railfan and Railroad. the railroad ceased existance in dec 86 after the ICG abandoned the charter line from freeport to centrailia, il. but thats about the extent of my knowledge so far. any leads would be appreciated.



-- joe bartoli (jbartoli@uiuc.edu), January 28, 1999


I shot some video of LS&BC's Baldwin on one of the road's last days of operation of the road. E-mail me if you have an interest.

-- Roger Holmes (Jailbirdie@excite.com), August 08, 1999.

There are two articles that I have found on the LS&BC:

Railroad Model Craftsman, July 1972, p.24 Railroad Magazine, October 1952, p.64

-- Russell short (russshort@aol.com), February 21, 1999.

Hi Joe,

I know that in the early 1970s, the LaSalle & Bureau County was investigated by the FBI for taking possession of Penn Central boxcars which were allegedly "stolen" and repainted. I am not sure of the outcome of this, but the same company which owned the LS&BC also owned the Cadillac & Lake City in MI and (I think) the Marianna & Blountstown in Florida. Around 1973, they also tried to buy the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad, but the deal fell through and the Ma & Pa was sold to Emmons Holdings. There is also a web site, not sure of the address, concerning the Rock Island's Indianola (IA) branch which has a picture of a LS&BC boxcar on it (wonder if its an ex-PC car). Anyway, hope this info helps....

-Mike D.

-- Mike D'Amico (mdamico23@hotmail.com), February 14, 1999.

Their loco #9 was sold to TTI in KY several years ago. It was used at their coal reload terminal in Maysville for a short time. It froze up during the winter and was sent back to Paris for rebuild. After the overhaul it was put back into service but experenced what was probably bearing failure. It is now owned by the Kentucky Central NRHS and is stored at Paris KY. Daryl

-- Daryl Grannis (ddgrannis@kih.net), February 03, 1999.

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