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I know you guys are kind of fluff on the idea of buying stock in Online music providers, however the info I am reading is very exciting. A small handful of music companies have promised to start selling audio files over the net by the end of 1999. This will be a huge business. Just think of it. Sure people will simply rip their old CDs to their hard drive,and exchange of files will be so easy,so the real sucess will be in how to deliver music to people. Customized radio stations where you don't use a single meg on your hard drive. You pay per month for an unlimited feed of music tailored to you. For a decade or two people will still store music in tradition forms.

Just remember that the music industry had a huge boost in music sales because of CDs. People wanted the new format and spent money replacing their old tapes. People will spend money to put music on their computer or have on line access to tailored music.

I will post articles that I get about the future of music distribution. It is coming!!

-- Anonymous, January 28, 1999

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