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I guess this is for Newbies or those still undecided. I visited my home State's web sight and was suprised at the quality of information provided. Here is a quote "Are you worried yet? We are."

I can't guarantee your home State will be as forthcoming.


P.S. My state is Illinois. Some of the best information came from the Comptrollers office.

-- Deborah (, January 28, 1999


California's Office of Emergency Services has a y2k site. The url is:

Their view of the subject? "The potential impacts of the Y2K problem present serious challenges to California's emergency management organizations. Computer failures are anticipated in industry, government and health care. Critical infrastructure systems such as power, water, sewer, communications, and transportation could experience outages and failures. The failure of any of these systems could create a disaster situation as well as hinder the response capability of emergency response organizations."

-- Pam G. (, January 28, 1999.

I guess I should add that the infomation isn't all that detailed, but it should be enough to convince you that y2k is serious, people here aren't just making this up.


-- Deborah (, January 28, 1999.


I am an Illinois resident myself. South Eastern IL. I was wondering the addresses of the site and/or sites you were talking about above. I suppose I could search for them but it would be a hech of a lot easier and greatly appreciated if you could just give them to me. I found one state site, but it was outdated.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Another concerned IL resident

-- PMM (, January 28, 1999.

I had to hunt for Georgia's official sites -- finally found U.S. State and Local Governments. Which led to State of Georgia Y2K Readiness Status.

This is the entire content of that page:



The State of Georgia Y2K Project Management Office implemented a web-based Y2K status and metric reporting system to monitor progress, risk, resource use to derive an agency and statewide readiness status. Information is updated bi-weekly based on agency reporting.

Scope of Reporting

Agencies establish projects based on various project categories such as application systems for all types of platforms, infrastructure and Process Control Device based systems. Each project is defined by phase such as: Assessment, Remediation, Testing, Implementation and Certification.

Readiness Reporting Snapshot

Number of mission critical projects in reporting database: 388 (not including State University System)

Number of IT personnel engaged in Y2K projects: 779 (State), 893 (Contract)

Planned Budgeted Y2K expenditures: $152 million approved, $170 million (under legislative review), total $322 million

Readiness metrics as of: 12.18.1998

Analysis 48% Remediation 41% Testing 40% Implementation 12% Final Y2K Testing 10%


1. Budget Expenditures: The State of Georgia is replacing a large number of obsolete systems (some 10-15 years old) with modern systems. These new systems require also a significant infrastructure upgrade. This explains in part the relatively high budget requirements.

2. The testing phase mentioned above includes unit, system, integration and user acceptance testing.

3. All mission critical systems must be tested in an fully compliant Y2K environment and certified as compliant by the head of the agency.

4. Some mission critical systems will not be fully remediated and tested by the State target of March 31, 1999. This increases the risk. Agencies are required to develop contingency plans for mission critical systems not meeting this target date.

This statement [or "this site"] is a 'Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure' under the 'Year 2000 Information Disclosure Act.' P.L. 105-271.

-- Tom Carey (, January 28, 1999.

PMM, Okay, here it is (sorry I don't know how to hot link, I point & click, which I'm sure doesn't gain any respect for me here)

This is for the Comptroller's Office:

There is y2k info there, and also link to Illinois State Homepage with more info. It is a pain in the rear but worth it. At the State page there are also links to local Communities. Chicago has nothing---Nada related to y2k on their page (including Mayor Daley's page...election year...hmmmmmm ). I was able to e-mail my local Community however, and of course have yet to get a response. I hope I didn't ask questions that were too difficult to answer. Ha! Also the State links Gary North provided got me nothing useful. Talk about many words that say NOTHING. (not his fault) Anyway, good luck & let me know what you find. Please post anything you find in the future about any community involvement in the Ch. Metro. area. I have found zip. Thank you.


-- Deborah (, January 29, 1999.

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