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I missed the Fox Cable News report. Did anyone catch it? I am hoping to get some reactions and summary here. Thanks. Lora

-- Lora Ereshan (, January 28, 1999


Hey Lora,

I didn't watch the whole thing, maybe only the last five minutes or so. It was just the general overview. There will be another part tonight at somewhere between 7-8pm.

What bothered me the most was when the two newscasters, one guy and one woman, were sitting there behind the desk, and when the report was over they shared an uneasy laugh. The woman said the more she hears about this Y2k stuff the more worried she gets. So then she said that she will "just have to stop reading about this stuff". (She acutally said that!!)

Her co-anchor just looked at her and didn't say a word.

"Things fall apart, the center does not hold"


-- (, January 28, 1999.

Sounds like the truth is slipping out in spite of the best efforts of many to present a "reasonable picture" of this story. Some people can see through it and either dive into research or back off in fear. Thanks for the report.


-- Lora Ereshan (, January 28, 1999.

I saw a replay of it today. It was excellent. I have seen almost every media report over the last year and this one was honest and scary. It ended with Candace Turner describing how the lights were going to go off one time zone after another. They also had a professor who said we can expect big problems. The second is tonight at 7.

-- b (b@b.b), January 28, 1999.

>> the second is tonight at 7 <<

Dear b,

What time zone are you in? Thank you. With TV showings, this is always helpful to know.

-- Debbie Spence (, January 28, 1999.

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