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What is the time difference between Hawaii and Ohio?

-- John Packard (johnboy@grains.com), January 28, 1999


Hawaii is 5 or 6 hours behind Ohio, depending on if it is daylight savings time or not.

-- Roy Inouye (roy@bothi.com), January 28, 1999.

what is the time differance between california and Hawaii?

-- Melissa Peterson (sweethang1304@yahoo.com), October 22, 2003.

Hawai'i is 2 hours behind California. (Or three, depends if it is Daylight savings time or not).

Hawai'i doesn't change time in the Spring and Fall (daylight savings time). So in winter, when it is Noon in California, it is 10 am in Honolulu. In spring (during daylight savings time) if it is noon in San Fransisco, it is 9 am in Honolulu.

-- Fr. Ronald Moore (ronaldmoore@hotmail.com), December 13, 2003.

what is the time distance from hawaii to texas?

-- ashley ewers (ameskirider@aol.com), February 04, 2004.

look at a map, dingbutt

-- Jo-Jo (foo@bar.com), December 22, 2004.

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