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-- PHILIP M. MORRIS (GRUTE22@YAHOO.COM), January 28, 1999


It is just a bunch of hype, Philip. Go back to sleep, until someone hits you.

-- dave (, January 28, 1999.

Ignore my previous post, Philip, but avoid the word "HYPE" on this forum. None of us here know just how prepared we should be, except for Paul Milne. But we all think that a lot of preparation is needed, but even that may not be enough. You have a lot af reading and catching up to do.

-- dave (, January 28, 1999.

Hi Philip,

Welcome to the Group. We understand your need to shout but turn off your caps lock please.

Look through the previous threads. Take your time to understand the problem and more important your relationship to it before you do anything. I'd say you need a week to settle your thinking.

Then order your priorities from what you have learned and start doing what many people here have been doing for sometimes years.

Look into your own crystal ball. Go by what it tells you. We really only decide what to do for ourselves here. All the rest is reports on our opinions.

There are no certainties except there will be consequences stemming from whatever you do..

So.. read the previous posts... think... read some more then act as best you can for you in your situation.

Good luck.

-- Integrator (watching@the, January 28, 1999.

Hi Philip.

I would suggest that you spend the twenty bucks on Ed Yourdon's book. You can read it in a few hours, and it will give you sort of a "crash course" in approaches to dealing with this problem. You can get much the same info for free from the web, but it just may take a lot longer. If you go to this website -

you can order Ed's book as well as some other excellent books on preparing your home. I would suggest that for a total of about 80 bucks, you can get information that would take you months to find by searching the web. I have no financial interest whatsoever in this, and I personally don't mind other people making a little money selling information that they have spent time and energy gathering.

As far as the hype thing goes - We live in a hype society. Everything is hype. A million people and a million forms of stimulation are all competing for your attention. We've come to expect things to be hyped, and we can't relate to it unless it wears the hype uniform.

Unfortunately, when something serious comes along, it becomes difficult to recognise its seriousness. This issue, like most, comes with a wide range of opinion, fact, speculation, motivation, spin, hidden agenda, and possible outcomes. The thing that YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST DO is decide for yourself, based on your own findings, whether or not this issue is serious enough for you to do anything to protect yourself and your family.

That's what it comes down to...

-- pshannon (, January 28, 1999.

Excellent advice, from Pshannon, Integrator and even the cool sting from Dave. "Cognita ergo sum" (sp?) cognita - cognita and then more thinking... ....or row the boat ashore!

-- Charon (, January 28, 1999.

At one time or another, we were all new to the problem, and in as much shock with each and every "new" discovery to us.

All humanity is being thrust into this discovery period. Glad you are taking the time to pay attention to it, but that is what it takes. Time. Study and read as much as you can for a short while (a week or two) and then conclude what measures you feel would make you and your family safe, should certain disruptions occur. Make a plan and follow it.

Ask questions here and on other boards. That is what the forums are for. Lots of good info and support has already been shared and you should review as much as you can.

-- Mr. Kennedy (, January 28, 1999.

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