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I own an AIWA XP-KM12 Portable dedicated VCD player, and I have come across silver VCDs which I am unable to play, the on screen display would say Reading Disc and just keep spinning, but the VCD plays fine own my other Panasonic Players SLVP 55 or SLDP 70. Is there a problem with the player? or is it the type of laser pickup? What are the various brands of laser pickup mechanisms used for consumer VCD players? or is it the MPEG decoder ? With regards to that particular VCD upon examination of the VCD there are some very light scratches in a swirling pattern, would that affect the reading of the VCD? Also on the cover of the VCD player it says C-Cube with a stylised eye logo with a Q in the centre, what does this stand for?

-- Stephen (, January 27, 1999


Great site for compatibility info.......

-- Reeses (, November 23, 2000.

I don't know th eanswer to your quastion but the c-cube logo standa for C-Cube High quality video-cd.. Check for more information.

-- Stephane (, November 23, 2000.

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