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Once again the media attempts to serve and educate the public in a responsible manner on y2k. Oh, and I should add, amuse us too at our expense. "A Miami Beach woman insists on installing a wood-burning stove in her high-rise condo." "Oil lamps fit well some of the concerns people are expressing. "I've heard it said that if the computers think it's 1900, we'll have to live like it's 1900," says Violet Saltsman, a retired school teacher from Hernando County, Florida, who's been using the Internet to study y2k issues." Lou Marcoccio, a Y2K expert with the analyst firm Gartner Group says, "Someone should be keeping score and getting the word out publicly about how wrong these people are." (we are!) What is the value of this type of reporting? Read it and weep @,htm One thing to their credit, 5 decent URLs for y2k info. Not Amused

-- Not Amused (, January 27, 1999


One of the absolutely delicious prospects for y2k is that maybe these bastards will not be able to report anything at all. Think of it. The greatest story of the millennium, and they cant run their mouths about it because there is no power.

-- dave (, January 27, 1999.

Yes! I agree. It is a delicious prospect.

Trouble is we'll be cut off too...

-- Chuckles (, January 27, 1999.

The idiot can't see the value of having a woodstove in Florida, how does he manage to breath and write at the same time? And this teacher gets it right, when the computers think it's 1900, we'll have to live a la 1900. He didn't see the connection because he's not getting oxigen to his brain as he writes.

-- Chris (, January 28, 1999.

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