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WOW! Has anyone counted the number of posts (increased posts) on this site in the past month! Makes us all wonder how much we will be reading 'later on this year'.

Just had a Y2K meeting in this small midwest town tonight. The concensus was that "we can't get through this alone - individual or couple. We will survive together as a community."

Diane, YOU ARE RIGHT! You always have been.

Keep the faith and keep posting. We really need you all!


-- Bob Walton (, January 27, 1999



The real measure of increased NG frenzy isn't just the raw number of new posts, it is the ratio of top-level posts to reply posts. This ratio may getting steadily larger as we barely develop a thread before rushing along to the next better thread (often reintroducing a familiar topic). But its fun.

-- Runway Cat (, January 27, 1999.


Once I get back to a decent Mac computer (on a borrowed PC somewhere in the Pacific Northwest) I'll report on the Seattle Year 2000 conference AND some really great community building activies. It's got me jazzed and really hopeful.

We all can make a difference and we can make it through Y2 too!


-- Diane J. Squire (, January 31, 1999.

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