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In an earlier message I mentioned that I had been on Delbert McClinton's recent Caribbean cruise, and he announced that next year's cruise would begin January 2. People privately told us they were concerned about starting the cruise before they would have a chance to see what Y2K might be like, giving me a chance to discuss my opinions on the matter. In today's mail I got a postcard that said, "Urgent!! Due to unforseen challenges, the dates for [the 2000 cruise] have changed to January 9-16, 2000." Now why do you suppose the date was changed? Gee, could it be that a lot of people told organizers they were worried about flying to the Port of Houston on January 1 or 2?

-- Pearlie Sweetcake (, January 27, 1999


Who the frick is Delbert McClinton?

-- (@@@.@), January 27, 1999.

He's the New World Order mafioso--boss who watched Dilbert & Clinton go have lunch together at McDonald's during the White House Y2K Submit.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx

-- Leska (, January 27, 1999.

"Who is Delbert McClinton?" If you do not know, turn off your computer and get a life.

-- j nitsuj (, January 27, 1999.

j nitsuj,

Oooooh, I guess this guy is another frickin superhero or something, Excuuuuse me!! I didn't realize you gooks listen to that shitkicker music. You're probably a member of his frickin fan club with posters all over your wall. You might take some of your own advice on that get a life stuff.

-- (@@@.@), January 27, 1999.

Not that it pertains directly to this thread, but back in the late fifties or early sixties, McClinton was touring in Europe and ran into a band playing the same German coffee house he was. He taught one kid in the band how to play harmonica that night. The kid's name was John Lennon.

Is Joe Ely also along for the 2000 cruise? All us Lubbock, Texas boys have to stick together.

-- Paul Neuhardt (, January 27, 1999.

Joe Ely was on the recent cruise, but none of the 2000 acts have been announced yet. The cruise was fun, but I don't intend to be on a ship in January 2000.

-- Pearlie Sweetcake (, January 28, 1999.

And I thought he was a recent comic strip hero - with a mean little dog and naive pet rat.....

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, January 28, 1999.

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