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Professional Issues that Interest Me and Work Nicely with the M.Ed Research

As a teacher and citizen of the greatest country in the world, I'm concerned about how our children are being educated. New insights, and explainations must be framed to discern and practice,to prepare our youth for supporting the freedoms we hold dear. We must labor to bring unity into our troubled times. An emphasis on style over substance characterizes our society. The confusion of everyone having their own opinions, has made us a nation of individuals, and everything is permissible. Justice has been replaced by the most misquoted of sayings,"judge not". This style issue takes a considerable amount of study, but it is necessary for me and my cohort coleges, to know and pass on our absolute foundational truths to maintain some sanity. William Glasser suggested in his book, "The Quality School", that teachers can improve by observing techniques and ideas that quality teachers do. I agree, I'm finding a number of useful videos in our libraries.

I started an art curriculum when I began my art education career in the public school system in 1981. It included traditional western artistic techniques and art history for grades 7-12. Five years ago I added a K-6 section. Then last year, I added career development and computer technology, which I'm still developing. Recently I've become inspired to complete the curriculum with "The Five World Views". This will give substance and a diverse perspective for appreciation and understanding in the way people think throughout the world.

The above interests and professional goals fit nicely into the Masters of Education Thesis Assignment with a concentration in Computer Technology.

-- Anonymous, January 27, 1999


Good Morning Bruce!

Your statement that, "we must labor to bring unity to these troubled times," has been an issue in my mind for as long as I can remember. As I wander through the halls of Holler Elementary school with my daughter to pick up my son, Jonathan, I am so overwhelmed with the emotion these young children can evoke in me. Their artwork coupled with their writing pleads for "unity". Children long for peace and solidarity. They expect it and deserve it... at home, at school, in our community, state, country and world...

Unfortunately, so often children are faced with turmoil and confusion in their small little worlds...

Children long for world peace... and for their parents to be happy ..for people to be good to one another...

When does this longing stop?? If people in our society continued to share these concerns as they matured intelellectually you would think that all the concerns of our children... and the concerns of the children expressed on the walls of the elementary school buildings from days gone by would have been solved long ago!!!

Or, if the longing doesn't stop... where does the strength come from to overcome these issues that keep our society from being united?

Yes, it is sad that we have become a "nation of individuals, and everything is permissible."

Concerned teachers like you, Bruce, are people that I so admire. Your values have most certainly touched the lives of many children!

Have a great weekend!!

p.s. I would like to learn how you did the collage for your portfolio! Will you show me?

Thanks, Kim

-- Anonymous, January 29, 1999

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