When do the flowers bloom?

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My questions are: I have set #1 & set #3 and the colors of the flowers are so pretty, I would like to ask if the real flowers that are the subjexts of the pictures really as beautiful as Teri's pictures are? She paints them so brilliantly.

Do they bloom only certain times of the year or all year long? I was in England once, and the humidity and all the rain, they had some beautiful roses, that seemed to bloom longer than they do in this county, the continental usa

thank you

-- Ellen Fitzgerald (elfltd@ktc.com), January 27, 1999


Response to Note Cards

Hate to say this, but they look better in real life, but thanks for the compliment as Teri does draw them pretty accurately 8))) There are always some flower blooming throughout the year. Here is when some of them do bloom: Red Ginger: Dec - Apr Hibiscus: All year African Tulip: Dec - June Golden Shower Tree: June-Aug Heliconia: June Nightblooming Cereus: July - Sept Oleander: All year Plumeria: All year Poinsettia: Dec-Jan

-- Roy Inouye (roy@bothi.com), January 27, 1999.

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