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Bay Area Year 2000 Community Forum
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BAY2K is an independent organization formed in August 1998 to develop resilient and sustainable community responses to the challenges of the Year 2000 computer problem by providing information, contacts, and dialogue. Regular meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, 7 PM, at the Presidio Alliance, Building 563, just inside of the Lombard Street gate to the Presidio.

A Bay Area Regional Gathering

A coalition of concerned local organizations and residents invites you to:

Saturday and Sunday, February 6 and 7, 1999
Masonic Memorial Temple, 3903 Broadway, Oakland, CA

8 am registration, $30 Pre-registration donation,
$35 at the door (scholarships available)

Y2K offers us a stick and a carrot. If we do nothing, Y2K may produce social dislocation, and, according to some scenarios, no power, food, and water without adequate response systems. That is the stick. On the other hand, coordinated Bay Area communities can prepare for Y2K in ways that lead toward becoming a more sustainable region - one that fosters social equity, ecological responsibility, and economic prosperity. That is the carrot.

Join your Bay Area neighbors in these activities for inner and outer preparedness:

Saturday: Rising as a Community to the Y2K Challenge

Sunday: Collaborating on a Bay Area Y2K Plan

Y2K: The Upside Potential Abounds

Speakers include

Cynthia Beale
Doug Carmichael
William Ulrich
State Senator John Vasconcellos.

"If life is a process of discovering who we are, Y2K is when we find out."

-- Tom Atlee, President, Co-Intelligence Institute, Oakland, CA (


Go to SVN web site at:

For more information: (415) 561-6501 ext. 17

Become a sponsor! Partial list of sponsoring organizations include Social Venture Network, BAY2K, SFY2KCAN, Oakland 2001, MarinY2K,, Progressive Asset Management, Inc.

-- Bill (, January 27, 1999

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