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my boyfriend and I have been thinking of having our wedding in Hawaii and were wondering about the best time of year to go, regarding weather, availability of accomodation, and events and activities to see and do.

-- Chris Arthur (, January 26, 1999


Response to hawaii

There really is no best time of the year to visit. The weather makes it great all year round. When it is supposedly our cold and rainy winter, it's rains for a short while with the sun popping through and our cold is mid 60's for a night time low.

With this in mind, hotels have a very small window of "off season" prices if any. Best way to plan is to check out the hotel and air fare sites to get an idea of prices, then ask your tour agent for their packages. Since it's your first trip, you may want to take a tour to get a taste of the variety.

If you can spend 2-3 weeks here, that'd be the best. That way you'd get to stay on all the major islands. I would say 2 weeks is minimum if you plan on staying on the neighbor islands and 7 days if you're just staying on Oahu.

What to do depends on what activities you're looking to do. Hawaii pretty much got it all. Activities for family, kids, singles, seniors, solo, couples, romantics, and any other group you can think of. Examples of activities?...hang gliding, biking, hiking, dancing, movies, surfing, skin or scuba diving, concerts, theater, learning about other cultures---over 50 ethnicites represented in Hawaii, sight seeing, or watching the sun rise then cruise to the other side of the island and watch the sun set.

Try this site as they have a lot of info on accomodations, activites, calendar of events, etc. It is really pretty comprehensive---The Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau (

You may want to look over the listings on our "What to Do/Where to Go or Stay" treads as there are some ideas there.

Hope this gives you a start 8)))) You could always give us a call when you get here (263-8193) or call us at 1-800-461-5050 to "talk story" before you come.

-- Roy Inouye (, January 26, 1999.

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