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Well seeing that there isn't much in kansas I think I got it covered! glad to help in any way that I can : )

-- Megiano (, January 26, 1999



Oh cmon Meg!!!! I hear tell there are lots of sunflowers out there!! Well, except for one....(me!)...heheee....

I think this is a great thing....wonder if we can get one contributor from every state? That would certainly say something about this internet thing, heh?

-- SunflowerGirl1 (, January 26, 1999.

Project... all 48... WONderful

SunFlowerGirl... i think there can be no flowers anywhere in Kansas as bright and cheerful as you are.... lol I really appreciate the response from this... hope we can get other countries as well as the states. you are all such wonderful people. ** GIANT HUGS ** to all of you, and especailly to Editrix for making such a wonderful place for all of us to gather. * beaming smile *

-- Desdra (, January 28, 1999.

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