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I own 335 acres of undeveloped land on the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada which is IDEAL for a Y2K retreat. (Keeping my property in BC for this purpose.) The property has nearly a mile of stream, lake, and harbor frontage, there's a spring, the entire property is wooded, and game, fish (freshwater and saltwater), and shellfish (clams, lobster) are abundant. Perhaps most useful is the PRIVACY- surrounded on 3 sides by government land which cannot be developed. A highway crosses the property near the shore, so access is easy. $235K US for the entire property.

The question is, how to find a new owner for this property? It is ideally suited for a large, completely private Y2K retreat, and I am wondering how to get the word out. Any sugestions would be really appreciated. Please e-mail . Thanks! :)

ALSO- any ideas where to buy a couple of Alladin kerosene lamps???

-- Paul Budlong (, January 26, 1999



I found my Aladdin lamp in a hardware store that was an independent, meaning that it was NOT a chain like Ace or Coast to Coast. A small store that was probably 30 years old (looks like they kept expanding over the years and adding the buildings next to them), stuff piled high to the ceiling (but fairly organized), aisles so narrow that two people can't walk by each other in them, back rooms so full of boxes that no one can even walk back there, stuff piled in aisles and hanging from the ceiling, musty smells, old dusty shelves (but not too bad), they bought used tools from customers, etc., if you get the picture. A place where they had just about everything someone could want... if you hunted through the shelves and the owner knew exactly what they had and where it was on all the shelves. Hopefully this picture gives you a type of store to look for. They were in the city but I am planning on doing some more hunting in some smaller country towns where most folks probably have had their Aladdin lanterns for years now because they are more self sufficient than city folks and don't need anymore. Good luck!


ps - this store had replacement wicks and mantles for Aladdin lamps models # 1-11. Nothing for model #23 - they had been backordered for 3 months on those parts.

-- Kathryn (, January 26, 1999.

You could try this site:

Good luck.

-- Scarlett (, January 28, 1999.

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