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I have 335 acres of undeveloped land on the northeastern coast of Nova Scotia, Canada for sale ($235K US). It is surrounded on three sides by Crown (government) land, it has almost a mile of lake, creek and harbor frontage, the entire parcel is wooded, fish, shellfish, and game are abundant, and there's even a spring. A highway crosses the property near the shoreline, and- until 1/1/00- there is power and phone access along the highway. Driving time from Halifax is about 90 minutes.

The property offers TOTAL seclusion, is exceedingly private, and offers an IDEAL site for a Y2K retreat. (I'm keeping my property in BC for this purpose.) The question is how to find an owner?!?! Bulletin boards? Web sites? Please send any suggestions to . Thanks! :)

-- Paul Budlong (, January 26, 1999


Too late to build a house. Good luck.

-- ~~ (, January 26, 1999.

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