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I just bought an Aladdin lamp, model 23. (For those of you who are looking and can't find any, it was the only one in the store and it was a miracle that I even found it since I have been looking too. The store has been backordered on mantles and wicks for 3 months now.) If the grid goes down and we experiece a 7-8, I plan to use this for lighting, potentially burning 6-10 hrs per day, esp in the winter here. How long can I expect the wick and mantle to last? Those of you who are preparing for a 7-8, how many extra mantles and wicks are you stocking up on? (like there are any in the store to buy anyway)

Any suggestions towards making the wicks and mantles last as long as possible would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx, Kathryn

-- Kathryn (, January 26, 1999


Kathryn -- Don't forget the lamp oil. We're having a hard time finding it around here. Finally found it in an old hardware store. They too thought they might be getting one or two alladin lamps in...

-- libby alexander (, January 26, 1999.

Our walmart has always had lamps-wicks-oil available and cheap. I bought a few lamps not long ago at $5 each wicks 3 for a dollar. Went back this weekend to get some more wicks and oil. NOT A ONE OF ANYTHING LEFT! Just a couple of lamp parts. They had no idea when they would restock. I can see that I will have to increase the speed of my acquisitions.

-- sam (we', January 26, 1999.

Depends on how high you have the wicks. Does it burn oil or kerosense? Ace Hardware, True Value, Wal Mart, and K-mart all carry wicks and oil. Our Wal-Mart had about 45 bottles of the Ultra-Pure oil on the shelf 2 days ago. I'm buying 15 today for my sister, hope they still have some.

-- bardou (, January 26, 1999.

Walmart does not carry wicks and mantles for the ALADDIN lamp. Every place I know of to order mantles is back ordered. However, while on the subject of light, I bought the best little paraffin lamp at Jo-Ann's fabric shop. They have them in 3 shapes and 5 colors. I opted for the very squatty base as being safer from being knocked over. They are frosted and I got the plain colorless frosted one. Have a shade rather than chiminey and its quite thick glass like a dish. Not near as fragile as a chimney. It gives out a tremendous amount of light for its size and the parafin doesn't smoke. Walmart is now carrying 99% pure parafin for such lamps.

-- Taz Richardson (, January 26, 1999.

The wicks and mantles will last many, many hours- like 500 to 1,000, as long as you don't bump the lamp. Once burnt for the first time, the mantles become really fragile, so be sure not to jostle them. Also, when the wick starts to smoke or burn unevenly (which will result in only a few bright spots on the mantle,) trim off the top 1/16 inch with a SHARP razor blade.

Burn kerosene in them- lamp oil is the same thing with coloring, at three times the price.

You'll be glad you bought your lamp. They are quiet, trouble free, and bright. :)

-- Paul Budlong (, January 26, 1999.

I've found 2 Alladin lamps in Antique stores. Both were reasonably priced (Model C aluminum for $80 - worked)(Model 23 glass lamp for 60 dollars - needed mantle & wick)

So, check out the antique stores.


-- Jollyprez (, January 26, 1999.

Kathryn; To help you out check the fabric stores of wick material . Would it not be the same as belting material used in sewing ??? I did find some wicks at a hardware store here in GA. Must of had 50 pieces @ .30 each. Mantels I can't help you with but I knew Wal-Mart did have some and they were about .89 cents each. Hope this bit of help - helps...

-- Furie (, January 27, 1999.

I have been looking for an Aladdin lamp for over 3 months now. I finally gave up and bought a Petromax. What a lantern! It blows away the Alladin.

I ordered it from the Website .

Though I always want to buy products locally, these guys shipped it to me in about 2 weeks.

I think I'm gonna order me a stove now. Anyone have any experience with the Petromax stove?

-- Andrea Issiac (, January 28, 1999.

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