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This is a question from a newbie. I just bought some oxygen absorbers and mylar bags to pack my own foods. But I read somewhere that once I open the bag I need to use them in 20 minutes or they will be useless (because they would've absorbed the oxygen). Is there a way to do this incrementally? If so, how can I store the unused oxy absorbers? Can I put them in a bottle or something until the next packing period? Also, how should I seal the mylar bags? With an iron? Won't this take longer than the 20 minutes? I am a bit confused. Any advice would be appreciated.

-- Jackee (not@this.time), January 26, 1999


Hi Jackee, Have a canning jar available for your extra abs. and drop a new lid in hot water so it will seal the jar. In the meantime, have all your food placed in your buckets with the mylar bags. Place the nec. amount of absorbers per bucket on the top of your food and before you iron your bags shut put the remaining o.a's in the canning jar, put lid on tight and put in a dark place.

Then you can begin ironing your bags shut. I use my iron and one of my husbands hankies! Also, a piece of wood works well to iron on. I just sit on the floor to work. You may need to cut a small amount of excess off your bag first.

A good information page for food prep. questions and answers is on Captain Dave,s web site. They have a section for using ox. abs and it is very informative. Good luck Mary

-- Mary Howe (, January 26, 1999.

Where do you get the Mylar? Mike

-- Mike (, January 26, 1999.

Mary, this is VERY helpful. Thank you! By the way, what is the hankie for?

Mike, I bought mine from Royco and got them in about a week. They don't have a website,and I don't have their number on me. I also hear you can get them from and other places.

-- Jackee (not@this.time), January 26, 1999.

I am guessing that the Mylar bags can be re-used, is that right? You would just cut off the part that was sealed and you'd have a slightly smaller, perfectly good bag? (Haven't seen one yet, would like to know before ordering a bunch.)

-- Debbie Spence (, January 27, 1999.

I also got my bags from Royco. Their number is 1-888-645-7735. I just received what I hope to be my last order yesterday! I think the bags can be resealed if you cut the top off. May need to throw in another oxy. ab. though.

Jackee, the hankerchief is to place over the mylar bag so you can iron. The bag is metalic and will melt and ruin your iron if you don't have a piece of material between the bag and iron. I tried dishtowels and they were to thick, so tried one of hubbies hankies and they worked great. He won't get it back though. Kinda browned and yuckie looking now! Hope this helps. Mary

-- Mary Howe (, January 27, 1999.

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