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For anyone naive enough to think their rich Uncle(Sam) will always be there to take care of them, check out a book by Edward Zuckerman. The title is The Day After World War III. An eye-opener for people who think the government is there to take care of them. It's non-fiction. It was printed in 1979 and contains many of the government's actual plans for after a nuclear war. I'm sure many of the plans are for any other large-scale disaster too, like maybe Y2K.

-- Noah Simoneaux (, January 25, 1999


I would like to read it, but may not have time. Could you post a few of the "acutal plans" that you mentioned, sure would appreciate it. Thanks

-- Mary Doe (, January 25, 1999.

Sure. One of the plans I found most interesting was for cleaning and decontaminating city areas that weren't completely destroyed. They had plans to bring in old people and volunteers(?) from the country to do the cleanup. Since old people didn't have as much time left anyway, they figured they'd be better for doing the cleanup. Yeah, I can just imagine them going out to some farm and telling them they need grandma and grandpa to go sweep up some radioactive fallout from the city. Bet they'd get lots of cooperation in that plan. Another one was using the postal service to help keep track of survivors. People would be doing a lot of moving around, especially those who had left cities that were destroyed. The author went to departments of the government and asked for their plans under the Freedom of Information Act, and most of them eventually cooperated. Those guys had some imagination coming up with their plans. Also lets you know that the government isn't there to help you survive. It seems to be more like you're here to help the government survive.

-- Noah Simoneaux (, January 26, 1999.

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