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okay, im 15, my dad's preparing like crazy. the Y2k bomb seems like a real thing. i cant thank my dad enough for taking a responsible role in preparing us whether or not disaster strikes. However, i have some more trivial, however still important, concerns. In a worst case scenario, if this is a problem which will last a year or more, how will we pass the time? How should we prepare for the mental effects of no power. How will we deal with loneliness. If we have to spend Year 2000 at our farm in the middle of no where, how shall we preven "cabin fever" so to speak. I mean, u cant live on rice and canned beans forever. Please take my question seriously and I would really appreciate an answer. - Bakedaple

-- (, January 25, 1999



There was an old saying, I don't remember who said it first, but it is still true today:

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger"

Take that time that you have and use it wisely. Fill your house up with good books on all subjects, from philosophy to religion. Find books on learning new languages. Take some time to learn a hobby like miniature ship building or painting, and remember to stock up on supplies before the new year. If you can't tolerate the idea of having no electricity for a year or more, than do some searching on the internet for third world countries in Africa. Most of those communities have little or no clean water, much much less most of the luxuries we take for granted these days in America. You see, it's a state of mind that you have to prepare for. Your body can do just fine on limited amounts of food and water. But mentally you have to take that burden one day at a tiem and get used to a new way of living. Look at it as a challange, and use each minute of free time constructivly. Ask your family members what their hobbies/interests are, and make sure to prepare for their needs too, after the modern utilities have gone by the extinct side.

Take up excercise programs now, like the martial arts. They can help you gain self control and a peaceful state of mind, no matter what the circumstances. They can also help you retain a good health and a spiritual enlightenment. It's important to remember that nobody or no thing can force you to have a bad day. It's all in how you want to be. Ask your parents to help you get some of these things. You will find that the more you research and the more help you have, the more you discover. Things you would have never thought of will become apparent just so long as you keep the most important organ in your body in good health... your brain.

Don't forget to stock up on lots of board games and family activities. It's important to remain in good spirits with the ones you must share the time with. And opposite that, make sure there is at least one room in the house that is designated the "den" or "library". Schedule a time where each family member can go in there and have quiet, private time for at least an hour, should they choose.

Hope some of this helps!!

-- (, January 25, 1999.

"That which does not kill you makes you stronger." --Friedrich Nietzsche


What is evil? - Whatever springs from weakness. --Friedrich Nietzsche

I agree with anon's post. Get some good books, anything by Kurt Vonnegut would be great. Don't forget to get some how-to books.

-- d (, January 25, 1999.

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