"Sea Turtles"

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When I saw the Sea Turtle Giclee Print, my heart was touched. Not only is it a beautiful drawing of these graceful creatures, but also a reminder of a part of nature we sometimes forget. The Sea Turtles have been on the Endangered Spicies list for many years now which is sad since they have existed since the dinosaur era. Thank you for the reminder!

-- Susan Nikolaus (Loweboyz@mich.com), January 25, 1999


i think people should do something to help the sea turtle breed them and put them in animal zoos os that the public can see how nice of animea they are and to maby help and get them off the endangered spicies list thank you mike

-- mike snider (flik51@hotmail.com), January 15, 2001.

When I heard that sea turtles were extict I went totally wild. I think that they are the coolest reptlie thinga magiger in the world I remeber the time I sat on a sapping turtle ( very painful) They had to ampputate my left butt cheeck so I got a plastic one instead it is cool in the winter time I just shift all my wait on that sheeck and I fly down the hill.

-- bob shoeman (profane@nude.org), February 14, 2001.

sea turtles??? I've never seen one but i think i have a big part in this world, to be concerned to them! everyone has the right to live, even animals and insects. people are lucky because no one hunts them! but,what if there are aliens out there that wants to hunt us, eat us and destroy our world?!?! what shall we do then? its the same with animals... it is always them that suffers! God has given us the power the over them, but lets not abuse. our world needs us, lets HELP!!!

-- eileen m. guerzon (em_LEN2@yahoo.com), March 10, 2002.

when i saw this website. i nearly fainted,it was just so heartbreaking that is all roisin

-- roisin anne wain (roxyrox_@hotmail.com), July 29, 2002.

when i heard SEA TURTLES my heart stopped. it's hard to hear that your favorite animal is on the endangered spicies list espicially for many years. i just wish i could do something to prevent SEA TURTLES from being on the endangered spicies list.

-- Crystal Lopez (CrYsTaLjOr23@aol.com), March 27, 2003.

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