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Can you find an apartement for ca. $500 in Hawai? (1-2 bedroom)

-- Ulla Kesler (, January 24, 1999


Looked in today's Sunday paper and looks like they range from about $600-$1,500 mnth for partly furnished apartments. There are some studios for 425. Most are in the 625-850 range.

-- Roy Inouye (, January 24, 1999.

I just moved here 6 months ago and had a hard time finding a place (by myself) Originally I had housemates and paide $450 for a room in a large house. If you want roomates you can find this kind of rent. By yourself, $500 is probably not going to do it....

I came from San Diego where rent was about the same, but much higher for beach property. Here, I got an awesome little place in a nice neighborhood across the street from the beach for about $1000. I know that is alot - but a nice vaction. In San Diego, this same place would've been min $1500. I see "for rent" signs around this small neighborhood and it runs from $400 - $650 for a room in a place.

This is on Oahu in the honolulu area. If you're willing to live out of town rent can be cheaper in some cases because everyone wants to live in town as there aren't many freeways and most people work in town.

Hope that helps.

-- paula klein (, January 24, 1999.

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