Do you know how many people that visit there end up moving to your state? : LUSENET : About Hawaii : One Thread

Just wondering if all the vistors like it so much if they end up moving there?

-- Elodie' King (, January 24, 1999


I really don't know, but I would think more singles and military move here than families due to the high cost of living. Cost of living is as much as 10-65% more than some places on the mainland (10% than California and 65% more than rual Southern US). In 1998, average Hawaii family paid 42% of their income in taxes. For a bag of groceries that you'd pay $21.16 at Meijer in South Bend Indiana or $20.75 in Shop and Stop in Cleveland, Ohio or $25.45 at Hughes Market in Malibu, California, you'd pay $37.32 at Foodland in Kihei, Maui or $28.54 at Daiei in Honolulu.

-- Roy Inouye (, January 24, 1999.

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