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See the selection offered at the link below. You can order Online NOW.

Eg. "Where There Is No Doctor" "Where There Is No Dentist" "Patriots: Surviving The Coming Collapse" James Wesley, Rawles (formerly TEOTWAWKI before released in paperback- publisher renamed it!) "Lucifer's Hammer" "Spritual Midwifery"

Don't delay - you may very well need this info.

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-- tim (car@won', January 24, 1999


Add this one for now and for later:

"Mary Bell's Complete Dehydrator Cook Book" ISBN==>0-688-13024-0

Stock #==>9-780688-130244- -90000

It will be $20 well spent. (for just the meat recipes 20 is cheap, and it has fruit and veggie recipes too)

This is one of the BEST and original drying texts.


-- Chuck, night driver (, January 25, 1999. is a site for all kinds of survival, gun, chemistry, political, philosophical, and politically incorrect books. When you order, they also send you a big catalog and quarterly supplements. Been in business (by mail) for at least 15 years (that's how long I've known of them) -- maybe up to 30 years. Now you can order by web or by snail mail.

-- a (, January 25, 1999.

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