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I was told that the minimum PC to play is Pentium 120 or 133 but the faster the computer/video card, the better the quality. Question: Assuming you have a Pentium 166 (Non-MMX), does anyone have a recommended video card?

I am thinking about getting a Jaton 77TV/4 MB which uses the 64 bit Trident 975 3D chip PCI video card. Is it wiser to upgrade my CPU to MMX?

-- Victor M Chan (, January 24, 1999


Any PCI video card with 4mb of ram and MPEG-1 support will do for your system. Try a Graphics Blaster Exxtreme Value Edition($29-$49) or for better quality power try an MPEG-2 Decoder Board($90-$120). Your best bet would be shoot for the middle ATI XPert@Play or ATI All-In-Wonder Pro($80-$160). Make sure you get a PCI version for those. And no MMX is not necessary unless you use Xing MPEGPlayer 3.x.

-- Tom Homchuen (, January 25, 1999.

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