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I am a recent PhD in cognitive psychology, specializing in learning. I am looking for a place to do innovative music learning research. My experience learning music, as well as my doctoral research, has convinced me that there is a tremendous opportunity for important work to be done, in an area that might be called "process reengineering for learnability". Your book is a beautiful example. I believe there is more work to be done.

I am not looking for an ordinary academic department. I'm hoping to find a place where my continuing growth as a musician is integral, not extra-curricular. I want to practice what I preach, and only preach what I have practiced. I am wondering if you know of any conservatory (or academic) departments -- or individuals -- where there is a collaboration of musician-practitioners towards the goal of understanding how to make the learning process work for every learner?

-- Phil Mitchell (, January 24, 1999


What a wonderful idea! This is a project and process that would be tremendously rewarding. I wish I knew of an appropriate host institution for it. Perhaps another contributor will have a suggestion.

-- James Boyk (, January 24, 1999.

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