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Called time and temperature today in Little Rock, Arkansas. Time was 9:42 am, temperature was 99 degrees (I put my coat on before I went out since the actual windchill was 24 degrees). The time and temperature number has been sponsored by and gives you a brief ad for Nations Bank (formerly known as Boatmen's Bank and a couple of years before that was known as Worthern Bank). Have no idea who maintains it. I do not know if the tornadoes the other night busted the thermometer or what, but I thought at the very least it was an eyebrow raiser. Since the numbers 99 are on my brain much more these days, I considered how this might or might not be related to Y2K. Only thing I can figure is someone did some remediation and screwed up? Any other ideas?

-- Other Lisa (, January 24, 1999


These screw-ups with the time and temp have been going on for years around here. Lets try not to attribute everything to Y2K.

-- Dave (, January 24, 1999.

Thanks Dave. I'd never heard of it happening before.

-- Other Lisa (, January 24, 1999.

Its entirely possible it came from a '99 failure - but treat it only as symptom that for the next two years - you cannot trust any calculated or printed value from any program affecting your savings, taxes, or pay.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, January 24, 1999.

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