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Got this from the ITAA website: no worries mon! Be Happy!

Bank Survey Finds Limited Interest At a recent conference, the Inter-American Development Bank shared findings of a Y2K survey indicating a low level of engagement on the Y2K issue within the Caribbean, Central America and South America. The survey focused on the perceptions of individuals responsible for Y2K in their respective countries. South America polled the highest level of involvement with 9.5 percent of respondents seeing "some action," 37.4 percent reporting awareness and 53.1 percent claiming no action or awareness. The Caribbean respondents reported 7.7 percent in the some action category, 40.4 percent for awareness and 51.9 percent finding no action or awareness. Central America's respondents found the lowest level of engagement on the issue, with 4.7 percent finding some action, 27.3 percent awareness, and 68 percent no action or awareness.

A diplomatic source called even these numbers "optimistic." He said many countries do not share the same high level of concern over Y2K as in the U.S. or other highly automated countries. Many poorer nations, he said, feel like they don't have much to lose and no resources for buying or safeguarding this technology.

"low levels of engagement" ---is that what the Prez did?

-- Len (, January 23, 1999


hmm...could be a western reflection of the Pakistani banking system syndrome:

U.N. Official: Y2K will be a major problem with all of your centralized banking computer systems.

Pakistani Official: WHAT centralized banking computer systems?

Pakistani banks still do everything on paper - I have this picture in my mind of a Pakistani bank manager who walks into his vault every night just before closing, pats the pile of ledger books with his hand, and walks out saying "Y2k - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"


-- Arlin H. Adams (, January 24, 1999.

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