What are some good local foods?

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What are some good local foods?

-- Val Morim (beryloflaffs@hahahah.net), January 23, 1999


Don't know what linguincia is? But it sounds like portuguese sausage because that's just what a "local" breakfast is. Two eggs, rice, and portuguese sausage. Sorry to say don't know what a "pig-pickin's" is either. The slow cooked pig in done in a imu (hole in the ground with hot lava rocks, ti leaves and banana leaves). It is usally done to celebrate 1 year old birthday, anniversaries, weddings, or other local celebrations.

-- Roy Inouye (roy@bothi.com), January 24, 1999.

Kalbi (beef short ribs marinated), kim chee (fermented vegetables), portuguese sausage (spicy sausage), hulihuli chicken (grilled chicken), Kalua pig (luau pig)

-- Wally Evans (wevans@hcc.edu), January 23, 1999.

Char siu, saimin, Loco Moco, poke, sashimi, or a good plate lunch.

-- Steven Helton (shelt@lava.net), January 24, 1999.

portuguese sausage (spicy sausage): Is this linguincia? If so, I like it cooked/drained and scrambled up with eggs. If you have it there, I will be happy to share my receipe - it IS delicious. I can't wait to experience the different tastes from the mainland. Do you have any "pig-pickin's" in your back yard? I remember a slow cooked pig when I was at a friends home. They were getting ready for a big family celebration. Loads of fun and what an everlasting experience.

-- Anne Higgins (rhiggins@wilmington.net), January 24, 1999.

poi, lumpia, teriyaki, kalua pig, hulihuli chicken, lomilomi salmon, laulaus, mochi, and andagi.

-- Billy Bosnoda (bosnoda@lave.net), January 25, 1999.

The best Hawaiian food is poi, chicken long rice, lomilomi salmon, haupia, laulau, kalua pig, and opihi.

-- Steven Helton (shelt@lava.net), January 25, 1999.

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-- ceconine (ceconine@netscape.net), February 15, 2000.

I love shrimp scampi with extra garlic at the White Shrimp Truck, char sui and crackle pork from Lin's Canton Deli, Gen Doi w/pork filling from Patti's Chinese Kitchen and Zip Min from Zippy's.Want to know where these places are? Write and I'll tell you.

-- Suzy Tritz (smtritz@aol.com), October 09, 2002.

Hey everybody! I dont mean to intrude but I am from the uk, and I am going to hold a hawaiin theme night at my restaurant! Im looking for ideas for a menu, and was thinking of dressing the staff in garlands and grass skirts! I think you have a great culture and want to make this event as authentic as possible....Any ideas? I would be very very grateful! :D

-- kelly brown (kelly21@cutey.com), October 10, 2003.

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