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Here are some troubling questions that are not being asked. What keeps the President from getting blackmailed during one of his foreign visit? Sam Nunn just said he is troubled by this matter of national security. Some foreign intelligence might have tapped Bill & Monica''s phone sex! Why did he approve the top security clearance for Lewinsky? Do most people realize that according to the Justice Dept.'s own guidelines, that Perjury (rank #14 in seriousness) or obstruction of justice( also #14) are more serious than Bribery( rank #10)? Then what crimes a President would have to commit to be impeached? What about counterfeiting money, domestic violence, burglary, stalking, blackmail? According to the same guideline, the above crimes are not as serious as Perjury! At first, I couldn''t believe it! Then,if the Democrats were to use this new definition of impeachable offense on Nixon, in what way did Nixon pose "a threat to the country"? If Clinton is excused, won''t we have to apologize to Nixon & all the impeached judges? What if a future President should lie about bribery, treason or national security? Do you think these too should be excused? Finally, should we be ruled by polls or principles? If the polls show the majority believes the Senate should remove him, will you promise to obey the will ofthe people? The overwhelming majority of the people in one major TV poll now believe Mr. Clinton should testify. Why are so many Senators opposed to the idea? Has most people even heard of the Jane Doe #5, Juanita Broadreax's (spelling?) case of being raped by the President? There were 4 witnesses, including a nurse.What about the strong evidence for Arkansas''s tainted bloodgate under Clinton''s watch? 12,000 more Canadians will eventually die of AIDS. For a great list of 10 suggested witnesses to testify before the Senate, go to under Washington News ( After Y2K section)

-- Raymond (, January 23, 1999



Who are you going to ask those questons to?????? I fully agree with your analogy of the situation, but at the same time, I still wonder, who are you going to ask those questions to????????

Back up a few posts, and read what's been stated on Am I Being Paranoid? Maybe it will clarify this for you.


-- Paul & Sandy Stambaugh (, January 23, 1999.

yeah and he had an illigitmate son with a prostitute and the DNA test was covered-up - not. Let it go. Give the man a rest.

-- a (a@a.a), January 23, 1999.

Maybe our poor little president should give some other "things" a break for a while. If he kept his pants zipped and told the truth once in a blue moon, *none* of this would be happening.

Oh--and isn't PERJURY usually a criminal offense in our country? But golly gee, he didn't really *mean* to do it. He doesn't understand what "is" is. Let's let him off the hook cuz he's such a great guy. Oh--and to all you felons sitting in jail right now on a perjury conviction--don't you get it? There's ONE RULE FOR THE RICH & POWERFUL and another one for peons like you. Tough luck.

-- Liberty & Justice for All (, January 23, 1999.


I would just love to respond in detail to all of your questions and statements, if only this were a political forum such as The Government of the United States instead of a Year 2000 forum where your posting is clearly off-topic (and don't pretend that writing "Y2K" twice made it relevant).

-- No Spam Please (, January 23, 1999.

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