Clinton promised more pork in his State of the Union Speech than Senator Byrd ever dreamed of. The deficit the first year would exceed $100 billion. Does he think the people are stupid. Maybe they are if they believe it. : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

The recent article in the Washington times discusses all of the promises in the speech (a promise for every voter) in an effort to bribe the Congress that would make Al Capone look like a piker by comparison. Either the speech is the big lie or the president really does not have a clue about what Y2k will do to the economy. There surely would be no surplus as there is not a surplus now. The current deficit is actually over $100 billion if social security income was not used to reduce the real deficit. Who do the people think will pay the taxes to pay for these programs, the tooth fairy? The fix is in. Congress will bluster some more and vote not to convict and the polls will go up to 80% in favor of the president. The people want something for nothing. They will get the nothing next year.

-- Steve (, January 22, 1999


Any quote surplus end quote will evaporate as soon as the US Treasury has to buy the Treasuries being held by Nomura alone, when they decide that they REALLY do need money. And there are how many more Japanese houses with a LOT of Treasuries in their inventory??


-- Chuck, night driver (, January 22, 1999.

I think it's safe to say we have officially entered the endgame. Anybody got an old copy of Don Meridith singing "Turn out the LIghts?"

-- Nikoli Krushev (, January 23, 1999.

Yes, CLinton thinks people are stupid. With good reason. P.T. Barnum was supposed to have said "there's a sucker born every minute." Wrong! There's a sucker born every microsecond.

Look how many people believe in "god". Look how many people believe that the government is here to protect and help them.

The decal on the side of Los Angeles police cars says (used to say?) "to protect and to serve". Question: to protect whom and to serve whom. Answer: Certainly not the ordinary peon. All they do for the peon, for example, is to draw the chalk outline.

-- a (, January 23, 1999.

Ok, so I exagerated. Once every millisecond instead of microsecond.

-- a (, January 23, 1999.

Actually, I read an appropo comment, which I'll misquote, but hopefully you'll get the gist:

He's trying to bribe us with our own money - and succeeding.

Just a thought,


-- Jollyprez (, January 23, 1999.

The reasons people can be suckered so easily by someone like CLinton, or their priest/preacher is that 1) they are stupid 2) they are greedy 3) they are dishonest 4) they can't distinguish between reality and their wishes.

We all know plenty of political examples. Here's the religious person -- he doesn't want to die, he wants to live forever (as do most of us), but then he makes the leap that since he wants to live forever, that he will live forever, in a sense, if he just accepts the teachings of whatever religion, and believe.

So, to keep in the good graces of his religion, he will obey -- do all sorts of strange things that anyone in other religions, or those that have none, rightly consider to be ridiculous.

-- a (, January 23, 1999.

a: Clearly stated. Thanks.

-- curtis schalek (, January 23, 1999.

Ok, so a Clinton promise is better than when he testifies under oath.

I don't get it. Why does anyone think he will hold his promise, and why do they think he even has any control over the economy?

You can't believe someone who lies, particuarily someone who lies on a consistent basis, to begin with.

-- Enoch (, January 23, 1999.

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