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I have worked/work for two of the largest US Gov IGs. The DoD IG has done a good job of reporting the lies coming from various DoD commands certifying y2k compliance.

Another very large part of the US Gov is also lying about y2k compliance. In December 1998, they stated that they would be y2k compliant 12/31/1998 (a year for testing).

Gosh, this week they admitted some of their mission critical systems would not make it. This was done AFTER an IG report was issued(the day before) that indicted that some of the Department's mission critical systems WOULD not make it time.

Ceaser Wears No Clothes!



-- brother rat (, January 22, 1999


No Shit, Sherlock! :))

-- Andy (, January 22, 1999.

Rule #1: about any internet postings: verify all claims independently (WorldNet Daily articles a good example)

Rule #2: the reverse of the normal rule of law -- it's suspect until proven correct

Rule #3: if it comes from some minority news source that contradicts the main, it's normally wrong (Drudge Report nonwithstanding...a complete historical anomaly)

Don't believe me? Do a face-to-face with Woodward or Bernstein

-- Show_Me (, January 23, 1999.


Here are two accounts on state unemployment insurance systems and how they were made Y2K compliant. Your rule #1 is hard to use here, since the two accounts are so different from each other...

"13 States, District Face Y2K Problems" idx.html

"Government Passes First Y2K Test"

Going by rule #3, though, I'll give the most credibility to the article from the Washington Post.

-- Kevin (, January 23, 1999.

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