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so then, do any of you lot out there think you are hard enough to take on the shop nutta? if so then i would like to game agaist you. you should know by now that i am a warhammer fanatic and will gladly take on any army. (i have almost all armies available,mostly 3 to 4000 pts,all painted!) i also have 40k but much smaller armies( i could probably push 2000pts on space marines and eldar, 1000pts on the rest. so if you fancy a go then come and see me,im usually haging around most days! cya, JEZ

-- Anonymous, January 22, 1999


You want a battle Jez?Coz you've got it!Next thursday be alright?

-- Anonymous, January 23, 1999

Erm I whana play ur Chaos and beet u in to the ground this time ;o)

-- Anonymous, February 10, 1999

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