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Check out the full story at Below are some excerpts. This suggests to me at least one minor remedy. Microsoft could be forced to give end-users a refund if they replace Windows with another OS.


The effort is based on language in the End-User License Agreement that comes with Win 98 that says if the customer does not agree to the terms of the agreement, they can't use the software and should return it to the PC vendor for a refund.

The long-term goal of the movement is to have Microsoft back off on its OEM contracts so companies don't feel forced to bundle Windows on every machine to save money, said Matt Jensen, who runs the Refund site.

"OEMs do see demand from Linux users and others for a choice, but they seem to be getting a lot of pressure from Microsoft, and probably pressure we don't see based on Microsoft's history," he said.


Compaq declined to comment on the refund initiative. A Dell spokesman said if a customer said he/she would not agree to the Windows agreement, he/she would be asked to return the whole system. But the company could validate and load a non-Windows OS for customers who purchase 50 or more desktops or at least one server.

If nothing else, this movement proves embarrassing for Microsoft because it highlights the dominance Microsoft has on OEMs, said Dwight Davis, analyst with Summit Strategies. Even if it doesn't exert pressure on the OEMs like it used to, Microsoft is clearly the only game in town for OSes.

-- Anonymous, January 22, 1999

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