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Here's the deal: No one has y2k figured out totally and since I am not against hearing both sides lets let the non-doombrood have their say. A WISE MAN SEEKS THE COUNCIL OF MANY! (bible) Then, he or she sorts through what he or she feels is the most accurate information and makes a decision. It's that simple, almost you do however need substantiated FACTS. I don't care what the news is as long as it's the truth. Because if the news is good I have no problems and if the news is bad I have 300+ days to prepare for that trouble! This is for both sides. How much do you spend on insurance for your house? I spend about 380.00 dollars per year. How much do you spend on insurance for your car or cars? I spend about 1500.00. Then there's life, health and so on. When was the last time I needed to use any of this insurance? You know I can't remember and yet I still retain it. I also will spend about 600.00+ dollars on food and other items for y2k, however I can always eat my way out of this problem if nothing happens. I wish I could do the same for the car insurance. The truth is I would love to hear any good news as long as it's true about y2k. I for one had big plans for the future before y2k. Right now those plans are on hold until the coast is clear and if and when this trouble is past I will go right back into high gear and keep doing the things I want and need to do! One last thing, if things go really bad please have a plan (B) some sort of way to retreat to a safe haven. This may take some thought and yet you might need a place to go to get away from the real problem areas (big cities). You might not need plan B but what if you do? Trust me there are many times in my life that I wish I had a plan B Tman

-- Tman (, January 22, 1999



Well said. I think the majority of people in this forum have done just that--examined the evidence on both sides. I know I have--and I wish I'd arrived at a different conclusion. Believe me, I tried.

The harsh reality is that *money* (i.e. corporate profit & loss columns), arrogance and just plain stupidity have placed all our lives in jeopardy. I'm working on Plan B now because I, too, believe in *insurance*.

-- Scarlett (, January 22, 1999.

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