Wall St. Journal front page article on 1-21-99 about "Preacher Takes On Y2K Bug" is worthless and Puddintame will not take his valuable time to write a review. No text.

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More Time magazine type BS except this religious zealot has unique insight and says there's no problem. Whatever.

-- Puddintame (dit@dot.com), January 22, 1999


I have been emailing back and forth with Steve Hewitt of Christian Computing Magazine. He mentioned he would be in WSJ article. Perhaps this is same person. Can you review what facts he presented?

I am trying to forward him info as it comes available that demonstrates the threat that exists. (See later posting someone made and my reply)

Am starting to wonder if it is worth my time debating with him(need to spend time preparing for y2k seminar and such). I just can't believe people can look at all the data, weigh its validity carefully, and not realize that we are at risk!

-- Len (wwjd@mbayweb.com), January 22, 1999.

It's Steve Hewitt, all right. I can't get to the online version ("paid registration required", indeed), but I have the hardcopy version in front of me.

Last two paragraphs:

"To be sure, Mr. Hewitt does gain from his sudden popularity. Monthly magazine subscription renewals have tripled to 1,500 since September."

"More than anything, Mr. Hewitt wants to take God out of the Y2K debate. 'Windows 98 is not a spiritual issue. Pentium II is not a spiritual issue,' he reasons. When Jan. 1 rolls around and the world isn't plunged into darkness, 'we're going to have a big bloody nose.'"

I agree re taking God out of the debate. I also submit that Mr. Hewitt is just a PC-kinda-guy who has never run a major IS project and has no clue what factors MUST be in place for said project to succeed.

And that last sentence really annoys me. Mr. Hewitt seems to be saying that he KNOWS what's going to happen (in this case, not a whole lot), and that potential embarrassment is preferable to prudent preparation.

I checked the CCM site. Here's a link to his travel plans:

Steve Hewitt Speaking Schedule

He's scheduled for Colorado (Denver today, 1/22), Wyoming, Missouri, and Illinois this month, and Missouri, Michigan, Georgia, and Oregon in February. Some of you wunnerful folks out there may want drop in on one of Mr. Hewitt's presentations in your area and ask him a few questions...

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.com), January 22, 1999.

You know, one of the awesomely weird things about being a Christian is you end up experiencing (I don't say conceptualizing, but experiencing) all other Christians as family. But it is most God-awfully dysfunctional family you can imagine.

Hewitt's stuff is utterly inane and he is beyond clueless. That wouldn't matter per se except that he is one of several so-called Christian "leaders" who are reinforcing DGI-ness for millions of people.

Sorry, guys, on behalf of all us "religious zealots". And you don't need to tell me, "it's okay." Hey, it isn't okay. It's wrong.

-- BigDog (BigDog@duffer.com), January 22, 1999.

Hey, BigDog. Let me apologize to you and others for my "religious zealot" remark. I think religious zeal is a good thing, I just don't like seeing this particular guy trying to pretend that he knows what's going on because he doesn't and neither does anyone else. He's directing his zeal in the wrong arena. Again, my apologies. Keep the faith.

-- Puddintame (dit@dot.com), January 22, 1999.

I just got off the phone with my mother who "was" a DGI. Two of her tv evangelists talked or preached on Y2k and now she is a GI. They must have been more convincing than I have been! I even "accidentally" left Ed's book at her house over Christmas! Not all religious zealot's are of the same mold, thankfully. The GI preachers and evangelists will have the power to inform and impact a large audience of people who otherwise, might not give Y2k a second thought.

-- shivermetimbers (zerodegrees@brrrrr.com), January 22, 1999.

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