What are the nicknames of the islands?

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What are the nicknames of the islands?

-- Wilbert Sitch (willy@blackpaint.com), January 21, 1999


Oahu is the Gathering Place, Kauai is the Garden Isle, Maui is the Valley Isle, Molokai is the Friendly Isle, Hawaii is the Big Island, and Lanai is the Pineapple Isle.

-- Roy Inouye (roy@bothi.com), January 22, 1999.

Can someone list all the 8 names? thx

-- siva chelliah (podian@yahoo.com), June 26, 2003.

i am is blahblah

-- Wilbert Sitch (willy@blackpaint.com), October 02, 2003.

i was doing a little research on the hawaiian islands and the nicknames of the islands are: Oahu 'The Gathering Place,' Maui 'The Valley Island' or 'The Magic Island,' Kauai 'The Garden Island' or 'Island of Discovery,' Hawaii 'The Big Island,' Molokai 'Most Hawaiian Island,' Lanai 'The Most Secluded Island' or 'Pineapple Isle,' Niihau 'The Forbidden Island'

-- cris (princess_12baby@yahoo.com), November 22, 2003.

What about Kaho'olawe? I've done quite a bit of research into Hawaii, but I just can't seem to find the nickname for this elusive isle.

-- Kaline Halepela (dekharper@AEmail4u.com), February 23, 2004.

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