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I had been pondering on the potential impacts of Y2K. A comment by a poster from FL on another thread helped me get my thought organized. That poster pointed out that they would not have any problem with fruit since it grew there plentifully. Other regions - other benefits and other problems.

I sincerely believe that food will become the number one priority. Therefor these musings about impacts center around the Regional Differences in what most of the population will probably be having in 2000.

My thoughts have probably been influenced too much by Paul Milne, but here they are for what they are worth:

New England = Cold Toast

Eastern = Cold and Trampled Toast - Pennsylvania = Amish Toast - D.C. = Taxpayers Toast

South / Southeast - Florida = Toast with OJ - Georgia = Toast with Peaches - AL, MS etc. = Grits

Midwest - KS, MO, NE = Wheat Toast - AR, OK = Will still be trying to get the toaster plugged in. - SD, ND = Really Cold Toast - Utah = Toast with all the toppings - Nevada = Odds are: Toast - Montana, Idaho = Free Toast - Wisconsin = Cheese Toast

Texas = Dry Toast with Chipped Beef

Southwest - AZ, NM = Dry and Burnt Toast - SoCal = Dry, Burnt, and Trampled Toast

Central Cal = Toast with Fruits and Nuts

Pacific NW = Toast with lots of green stuff

Alaska = Frozen Toast

Hawaii = Pineapple Toast

Northern Mexico = Dry Toast with Chipped Beef

UK = Toast and Tea

Canada = Very Cold Toast, ay? [except for Montreal who will be having (of course) French Toast]

Most of the rest of the world wont even have any of the above and will kill for *any* kind of Toast.

Greybear - who thinks he can live on Toast.

- Got Jam?

-- Greybear (, January 21, 1999


Arc Angel,

I took no offense at you soap box comments so this is not a flame response.

Granted the dark, dark future. But humor is about LIFE.

In my belief set there is a great dance. I am part of that dance now. I (do not now) and will not fear death. Nor will I let the prospect of death keep me from enjoying the dance.

With the suffering that is about to break out in this world, I think is doubly important to find your humor where ever you can.

I probably think that humor is a key ingredient in Survival. Not sure. But for me it IS a key ingredient in life. Which is what I intend to try to have for me and mine as long as possible.

Then I'll move on to the next phase and learn some new steps.

Better quit here since I'm about to get metaphysical.

Greybear - ah1, ah2......

-Got you dancing shoes?

-- Greybear (, January 21, 1999.

Got the dancing shoes, and the toe jam because I can't afford the water to wash my socks.

-- thinkIcan (, January 21, 1999.

Our lives Are better left to chance I could have missed the pain But I'd have had to miss The Dance.

And the dance will go on, 2k or no, just as it always has. Don't miss it. Good reminder, Bear.

-- nemo... (, January 21, 1999.

IA - Toasted Cornbread

AR - Toast with bacon

IL - Toasted Flatbread

ME - Toast with creamed lobster

RI - Toast crumbs

KY - Rye Toast

MN - Cold Scandanavian Rye Toast

-- No Spam Please (, January 21, 1999.


Outstanding! I definitely enjoyed your toast, er post. You're quite a "Toastmaster". . .

You're also right on the money about the dance and I'm here to tell you that humor IS vital to survival. You probably don't want to know about some of the gallows and/or black humor that passes as funny in the Corps. . .

Keep it coming--I'm glad you're here.

-- Hardliner (, January 21, 1999.

When things are grim, sometimes the only relief is dark humor.

-- curtis schalek (, January 21, 1999.

Greybear, love your posts! The closer Y2K gets, the itchier my funnybone tickles. Think it must be delirious defense mechanism. IMHO doesn't subtract from the quality of forum; enhances it. More laughs, please!

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx

-- Leska (, January 21, 1999.


I needed that, Thanks


-- Sam the man (, January 21, 1999.


ref Humor:

Humor is indeed as necessary to the survival of a sane human as Oxygen. In, perhaps, smaller doses but not much.

Hardliner, I'll see you 1 Paramedic sense of humor and raise you one Nursing sense. Don't think you can pay the freight., though so we'll just have to call it a draw.


-- Chuck, night driver (, January 22, 1999.

Chuck: i don't think you'll win tho-having been both a paramedic, and a nurse-nurses can't even stand in the same room with paramedic 'humor'. Cops, now, they're a different story...:)

-- Damian Solorzano (, January 22, 1999.

A toast .. To the Toastmaster !

Thanks Greybear . :o)

-- Mike (, January 22, 1999.

My sister, from Kodiak, AK, corrects: Toast is an import. It's fish sans toast for Alaska.

-- Maria (, January 22, 1999.

Ya left out MN, huh

MN= Luutefisk Toast

-- olllie (, January 23, 1999.

I just don't see the humor in thinking others may have problems

Mary Lou Glover

-- Mary Lou Glover (, January 24, 1999.

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