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How do we check to see if our household HVAC thermostats are compliant? I called 6 different Ruud/Rheem dealers and their educated answers were: Huh? Whats a y2k? Needless to say I am most frustrated. Like everyone else on here, I am very concerned about the whole world, however, I am beginning to adapt a "bunker attitude" and am concentrating on what this family and home need to take care of. Living in Florida, we are not going to freeze to death...tho come summer we may "sweat to death". With regards to microwave, VCR, TV, etc. I intend to unplug New Year's eve and do without until I am convinced all is ok.

-- Taz Richardson (, January 21, 1999


Don't call the dealer. Call the manufacturer. Have the model no. and serial no. ready. They'll have an answer ready for you.

-- Puddintame (, January 21, 1999.

Called my honeywell dealer....he said not to worry about my programable honeywell thermostat....I said, come and replace it with the old fashioned kind...almost $200. later I feel better (I think)

-- meto (, January 21, 1999.

Meto, you paid 200 to have a low voltage home theromstat replaced with an old fashioned mechanical! (I hope you at least got to keep your programmable one.) Such a deal I got for you - I change light bulbs, do windows and even replace electric outlets at a mere 100 bucks each. Heck I'll even throw in cleaning refrigerator coils for that. Complete home maintenance packages are available for a mere $750/day.

Did you go to the local hardware store and ask about thermostats or even look at the install instructions at the do it youself center? Turn the funace off connet red here, black there, green here and yellow over there - Hmm maybe that was the telephone. Regardless, when I put the programmable in 3 years ago it was a snap.

Y2K is supposed to be a lesson in self reliance...

I discussed the combination oil heater/cook stove I'm considering with our heating guy. He looked at the specs, said no problem. Looked at the price (1500) and said for that kind of money, I'd consider a generator and use you current furnace and plus you'd have electric.

-- Inthe Wrongbusiness (, January 21, 1999.

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