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Question to the group. Mainly the ones who have moved or are moving due to Y2K. I've noticed it's been awfully cold up north this winter. 20 to 50 BELOW 0 in some areas. While down here in the south (FLA mainly) it's been downright tropical. It's 80 outside right now. Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier to head south so you wouldn't have to plan for such harsh weather? It may be family (or whatever) that's keeping you up there, I don't know. Now don't get the idea that I want some of you as a neighbor - that's a chilling thought! :-)

Yall know how I feel about what's possibly in store, I'm just curious? As much as some of yall seem to be planning for the worst, common sense tells me this would make it much easier.


-- Deano (, January 21, 1999


Here's another chilling thought for you Deano; Lots and lots of unprepared people will be joining you. And with such fine weather, they will survive that much longer. So kiss my ass and enjoy the beach.

-- King of Free Estimates (Islooking@the.woodstove), January 21, 1999.

Ewwwww...ever opened a refrigerator that's had meat stored in it for a couple of days without any electricity? -Sorry, couldn't resist :(

-- Other Lisa (, January 21, 1999.

Yo King - kiss your ass?? What the hell was that for? I asked an honest question and you start flaming. Time and time again - if you don't think we're fucked you're not welcome on this forum.

King - go fuck yourself - probably will be the best piece of ass you've ever had.


-- Deano (, January 21, 1999.

So when the electricity goes out, you just stand around? It would never enter your mind to clean out the frig and freezer? Let me ask, have you ever clean your frig?

Troll Maria

-- Maria (, January 21, 1999.

er, Deano - think about the last time a hurricane came through your area - what did most of the people do? That's right - they packed what they could and drove to someplace *they thought* was safe. Now when the utilities start going wobble, and essential services become intermittent, what are all the unprepared yuppies going to do? that's right - pack up and attempt to drive to some place *they think* is safe! As you so cogently pointed out, even really desperate yuppies aren't going to think 20 below zero is safe...but that balmy 80 degrees you've got down there will sure look good, wont it?

The point is to *avoid* large groups of panicked and unprepared people, not sit in front of them waiting to be overwhelmed...


-- Arlin H. Adams (, January 21, 1999.

You know, Deano, I think alot of people are doing just that right now. But they are doing it thoughtfully, with plans and provisions. I never thought about it before, but the southern states could resemble refugee camps if TSHTF. Lots of people will consider it their best shot,kinda like the Okies. Good luck. Could get ugly.

-- margie mason (, January 21, 1999.

Thank you Margie. That's the kind of answer I was looking for. Not some smart-assed remark from some pinhead know-it-all. Good luck to you too.


-- Deano (, January 21, 1999.

Now you did it; I'm crying you bastard.

-- King of Free of Estimates (Iscrying@this.time), January 21, 1999.


A serious answer to your question...I moved where I got a job. It so happens to be in a place where rural land did not require me to hock the first-born. Also wanted to be relatively near extended family and they all live in the midwest.

My area is indeed cold but that means that a lot of people are used to living with blizzards, outages, have wood heat, etc. Also, there's much more generalized agriculture here than there is in places like, e.g., Florida.

I agree with those who say that folks will ultimately flock to the warmer climates if TSHTF. And that is a real advantage long-term for a place like mine. There are not any homeless people in my neighborhood, I'll tell you that; they would not survive the first winter. Folks out here work and work hard; I think colder climates are more conducive to a robust work ethic (couldn't prove that, just my observation).

That being said, it is indeed COLD here sometimes. We and our animals have fared pretty well so far this winter but there's no doubt, you gotta prepare differently to live here.

-- Franklin Journier (, January 21, 1999.

Troll Maria:

Posting was made (tongue in cheek) with prior question a few days back in mind "What to do with the dead bodies?" They will stink faster and stronger in FL than up north. Guess I should have been more specific.

-- Other Lisa (, January 21, 1999.

Deano: We actually gave some thought to a move to warmer weather, but then we realized that, if indeed it gets as bad as so many people here think it will, anyone fleeing a freezing city (Chicago, NYC, Omaha, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, etc) is far more likely to head south than north. So we're looking at our current home in the frozen north as just another insurance policy against the worst. We know cold weather, we're prepared for it, we can deal with it, and the growing season is still long enough to ripen watermelons. Come the worst, and your average Chicago Board of Trade yuppie won't have a clue.

-- Cash (, January 21, 1999.

Arlin - Some take off, most don't. We haven't had a hurricane give us a direct hit since Dora in 64. Had a lot brush us, but no real problems.

Fanklin - Good answer. Thanks!

King - don't worry little one, you'll get over it. Gonna have to be a lot tougher than that to make it aren't ya?? :-)


-- Deano (, January 21, 1999.

Im getting cozy to my wife and the wood stove here in the Midwest, where people think its crazy to move if TSHTF, as one guy put it. But I think its only logical. Ive got 10 acres, a large pond out back, and Im 10 miles off the interstate  just far enough to be safe from the panicked masses, but just close enough to get there for the commute to work until then.

Waiting for my non-hybrid seeds order, so that I can plant them in the rich, fertile soil of the Midwest, Brett

-- Brett (, January 21, 1999.

Deano - I'm from the frozen Northeast. It never occurred to me to move, but I also realized right away that I needed an alternative heating source, and that a generator wouldn't cut it for me. SO relieved that my wood stove has finally been installed (today!!). I'm expecting an oil shortage to develop in 2000. From the reports we heard last summer of the severe heat wave in Texas, coinciding at the time of greatest annual energy demand, I would think you might want to move farther north. Keeping warm enough in the winter seems like an easier process than keeping cool enough in the summer. Plus, my veggie garden won't be as water intensive.

-- Brooks (, January 21, 1999.

Living in severe cold presents its own problems. Crowds of clueless won't be among them. Check out Disaster Preparations at Home".

Pat Frank's novel, Alas, Babylon, explores the human consequences of the destruction of the cities in a nuclear war. Going toward colder climates really seems like a better idea.

-- Tom Carey (, January 21, 1999.

We "weathered" the ice storm of 98 (13 days w/o electricity) and have talked to our fellow citizens re: being prepard for y2k challenges. Guess what? Stony stares, snickers, laughter and virtual indifference. Would you believe these are teachers. That's right. The very people you entrust your kids to. This group (52) of our co-workers are virtually laughing at us for "falling for that sh.." and believing that our government would ever let something so horrendous happen to us! lThe masses are indeed brainwashed into thinking that "big brother" will take care of them. Best wishes to you all. There are two people here in the icy northeast who GI. Current temperature 19 degrees, with several inches of ice everywhere.

-- Ed (, January 21, 1999.

Colder WITH snow could be safer in a panic situation, but there may be less panic in a warm climate. May be equal situations. Driving after 01/01/20000 may not BE an option if gas pumps are not working, roads are blocked by snow, National Guard, or stalled cars & trucks.

-- curtis schalek (, January 21, 1999.

King: LOL

deano: Boy, you sure are stupid.

-- a (a@a.a), January 21, 1999.

In regard to masses of homeless people sleeping on our streets here in Fl.

That is one problem our redneck sheriff doesn't put up with, the deputies roust them pronto, and run 'em out of the county. Lots of us locals would be willing to help in that effort should their numbers rise.

-- Uncle Deedah (, January 21, 1999.


Oh, you're just trying to pump up Florida's population for next year's census!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


>kinda like the Okies

Will Rogers used to say that when the Okies went to California, it raised the average IQ in both states. :-)

-- No Spam Please (, January 21, 1999.

As I age, I find I'm less able to tolerate HEAT than cold. I can generate heat with very few tools. COLD on the other hand, I need some fairly technical stuff to generate. If I were to talk to me 10 years ago and tell me that AC would be a NECESSITY on teh next car and that I'd be AC'ing a bedroom, I'd probably laugh me out of whatever bar I might have found me in! Tough to get older!!

Like Cos says "Old age isn't for wimps" (or whatever the title was!)


-- Chuck, night driver (, January 21, 1999.

Troll Maria

I clean my FRIDGE regularly >

Haven't cleaned my FRIG in years . :o)

-- Mike (, January 22, 1999.

Thanks all for the info. Was really just curious. It sounds to me like it depends on what your body is used to. Contrary to most of yall, I can tolerate the heat much easier than the cold. Granted July and August get pretty damned hot down here, but I can't even fathom 20 below 0!

a - you seem to be a pure waste of skin. Oh, and you can go fuck yourself too.


-- Deano (, January 22, 1999.

But, Deano, think of how our real estate prices are going to rise towards the end of this year ...

Squeezing more orange juice from the tree that erupted here in the Sunshine State, Jeannie

-- jhollander (, January 22, 1999.

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