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FYI In an earlier post I asked who the lone person was that stood and clapped while Clinton talked about Y2K during the SOU speech. In an e-mail from the Senate Y2K Committee today I was informed it was Connie Morell (R-MD).

-- Other Lisa (, January 21, 1999


Good for her...

-- Reporter (, January 21, 1999.

That would be Rep. Constance (Connie) Morella, chair of the House Committee overseeing Year 2000. Too bad Rep. Horn and Sen. Bennett didn't make it to their feet as well, but at least someone demonstrated that they Get It. She's been fighting the good fight on Y2K for quite some time now.

Any Marylanders out there (especially those in her district), please drop her a note and thank her for standing up for the only comments in the "Santa Claus State of the Union" that really did deserve any kind of applause.

-- Mac (, January 21, 1999.

Thanks for the correction on her name, Perhas I should pass that correction on to the Senate Y2K Committee.

-- Other Lisa (, January 21, 1999.

I'm sending Representative Morella an email thanking her and offering her support if only in spirit.

Thanks Lisa!

Mike ====================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, January 21, 1999.

You can use AltaVista to see CNN's video of Clinton talking about Y2K at this link: 22we+also+must+be+ready+for+the%22

Most of the time when you run this CNN video, you can see the person who stood up. Sometimes you don't see them at all since RealPlayer only runs at maybe a frame per second.

Just click on the image of Clinton and wait for it to buffer.

-- Kevin (, January 21, 1999.

Is Connie Morella the woman in the blue dress?

-- Kevin (, January 21, 1999.

Mike, would you please post Rep. Morella's e-mail address? Thanks.

-- Old Git (, January 21, 1999.

Here's the e-mail address for Representative Constance Morella. Glad to see folks sending her notes. I too sent her a thank you.

-- Other Lisa (, January 21, 1999.

Thanks, OL:

Dear Representative Morella:

The folks on the Yourdon (Timebomb 2000) Forum were very anxious to know the identity of the lone applauder re Y2K, and very happy to find out. Should have known the only one with balls enough was a female. Hope you get lots of e-mails like this.

Thank you for your courage.

[real name and city]

-- Old Git (, January 21, 1999.

I live in Connie's district and her office has helped me with problems before. I e-mailed her a month ago thanking her for her stand on y2k and asking that she keep it up. I guess its time for another e-mail to her.

-- Mike Lang (, January 21, 1999.

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