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That is what this Y2K gremlin is about to say. This Y2K problem is going to really scramble everything, but the problem for you and I will be those who are not prepared. People will do anything to protect and feed their family. I lived on the oerimiter of the Watts riots. In Watts they busted down the glass fronts and stripped the stores bare. We had army trucks with National Guards and rifles patroling the streets every hour to contain the rioters. When the public realizes they have been lied to, it will be like Watts all over again. The riots will be covered by the news media and the same will happen around the country. Do you think the distribution trucks are going to take goods to stripped out stores. Who would drive such a truck? What distribution exc would send such a truck. The police did not show up for the Watts riots, Will they be around this time? So now the stores are bare--What happens now? Most people have a couple of days food stored up. They won't let their children go hungry. Heaven help those they know who have been preparing for Y2K and have months of food set aside. Heaven help the Gary North's and the Paul Milne's. This will happen before the lights go out, the phones will work, there will be gas for their cars. They will head for the country. I'm not talking to anyone,the more invisible I am, the safer I feel. There is a crazy element within the American Public, just watch an hour od professional wrestling and see how crazy people can get.

-- thinkIcan (thinkIcan@mak.eit), January 20, 1999


Yes, Arc, and as they say "the valiant die but once" etc. However, I wonder how realistic this kind of talk is. It is easier to keep moving your threshold line. Have you read John Ross' Unintended Consequences ? That book would convince many people that the line of "treason" as you have described it has already been crossed! Yet how many people would take the kind of action advocated in that book ? Very few. We certainly don't see John Ross himself doing those things. In reality, I don't think there are many things worth killing others for. You are already (implicitly) accepting certain restrictions on your right to keep and bear arms. Why not a few more ?

-- runway cat (, January 20, 1999.

"Heaven help those they know who have been preparing for Y2K and have months of food set aside. Heaven help the Gary North's and the Paul Milne's."

pparently you do not think very clearly. If it gets bad enough, it will be a whole lot worse for the ones who did not prepare and remained in poulated areas. If the situation gets bad enough that one 'could' say Heaven help me or North, then I will have few problems.

I can amply defend myself. but, think of where wil will be as a whole if THAT actually occurs. It will be a disaster. No civil authority of any real measure or effectiveness. If that is the case, I will be free to act in self defense. I do not need to comment on specifics, but with the people that will be here and the LAWFUL arms that we will have available, the only thing we would have trouble with would be a government force. And again, if a government force appeared, in order to attack, they would be WHOLLY without cause to people minding their own business on their own property and as such, they would be wholly illegitmate. Further more, they will find NOTHING. They could look for years and find NOTHING that would feed any of them. I welcome them to try.

Ask yourself this, how long would it take you to find buried food on twenty+ acres. No metal, so detectors are of no use. Grass has grown back over so it is undetectable to the eye.

Let 'em try. ROTFLMAO

-- Paul Milne (, January 20, 1999.

Paul, do you not think it more likely that the martial low commander would put a gun to your head and say "lead us to some food/ammo/whatever or you are dead. You have 5 minutes to decide." To me this is more likely than having 200 soliders on their hands and knees combing your property with metal detectors while you ROTFLYAO.


-- run way cat (, January 20, 1999.

Paul, do you not think it more likely that the martial law commander would put a gun to your head and say "lead us to some food/ammo/whatever or you are dead. You have 5 minutes to decide." To me this is more likely than having 200 soliders on their hands and knees combing your property with metal detectors while you ROTFLYAO.


-- run way cat (, January 20, 1999.

That is exactly one of the points I'm trying to make Paul. Most poeple haven't tried to think this out to the end. How many people on this discussion site do you think have buried any food. I have and no one will ever know my name or that I even know what Y2K is.

-- thinkIcan (, January 20, 1999.

- Sorry I clumsily double-posted above.

Anyway, to continue, Paul, I think you will be in the position of the Kulaks (middle class peasants) under Stalin's collectivization of agriculture. They were rugged individualists, no doubt similar to yourself in that respect, and they tried to be private people, working to feed their families amid the madness around them, etc. Stalin exterminated them through execution, deporatation to Siberia, confiscation of property and starvation. I believe you will be in the same position vis-a-vis our own Federales. For the history of Stalin's extermination of the middle-class peasants, please see: Stalin

-- runway cat (, January 20, 1999.

Milne is right about this issue. If Y2K hits that badly, there won't be enough of the government left to hunt anyone down. After all, the government is nothing if it loses the ability to command. However, if the government does want to find your stash, they have ground penetrating radar. They use it to find non-metalic land mines.

-- d (, January 20, 1999.

If you ever decide to do some "midnight gardening", bury 10 lumps of junk metal for every real stash. Do remember where you buried the real loot though!

Same for food stores, if you have the energy.

-- Andy (, January 20, 1999.

Even if it comes down to the feds searching your north 40 for your fig newtons, Paul will STILL come out better than the people that stayed in the city or did not stockpile supplies.

-- a (a@a.a), January 20, 1999.


The "martial law commander" who would put a gun to anyone's head would not be enforcing any law; he would simply be a bandit. I have little trouble envisioning a BATF agent or a FEMA "wannabe" with a badge and a gun doing it, but as Milne pointed out, if those circumstances come about, we've got bigger problems by far than a few stashes of food.

-- Hardliner (, January 20, 1999.

For Arc Angel: Might I respectfully point out that our rights are NOT granted to us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These documents merely *guarantee* our Creator-given rights. That is what an "unalienable" right is... one that you can't sign or trade away. You get those rights at birth, and they last for your entire stay here. Tyrants of all stripes would have us believe that the only rights people have are "civil" rights, granted to them by the state. Nothing could be further from the truth.

For thinkIcan: You are absolutley right concerning peoples' reaction to what may happen, and you are wiser than most in keeping your preparations to yourself. However, I seriously doubt that most who flee the cities in search of food will have enough gasoline or food to be a problem for more than a few months, at the outside.

As for myself, after Week 2 I intend to be badgering the neighbors for food, in a ragged and wretched state. Hide in plain sight...

-- Why2K (, January 20, 1999.

Why2K, thats a great idea to hide in plain sight. The scenario I see concerning the riots,I think will happen long before Y2K brings the counrty to its knees. That is why I think, for a short while anyway that there will be gasoline. Will martial law be in effect at that time, wish I knew. When the riots start, I won't be out at all.

-- thinkIcan (, January 20, 1999.

Sorry, I didn't understand the scenario you were envisioning, thinkIcan. Yes, if widespread panic occurs later this year, (and I believe it will occur, fomented by the media), it will be a very unpleasant situation. Some semblance of martial law is likelyhood, if not a certainty, under such circumstances. However, the troops will not be able to be everywhere, and will most likely be be utilized in a 'pick-up-the-pieces' fashion in the larger cities and immediate environs. Those in the country will have more to fear from their own rural neighbors than from goverment forces.

-- Why2K (, January 20, 1999.

I agree there are lots of crazy people out there in radio land. I don't care if it rains or freezes, long as i got my plastic Jesus, setten on the dashboard of my car!

Random y2k ThoughtsBuy a size larger clothes for each of the youngens. Don't expect a big run on food until Xmas 99. We will see a run on $$ before food. Some city neighborhoods will be locked up as tight as Fort Knox....mine will be and I'll be just as safe as bubba in the barn....well, back to randy savage and hulk.

-- machoman (...@...), January 20, 1999.

Y2K is non-linear and nothing more so than anticipating the scenarios on this thread. Probably 10 or 15 different scenarios will unfold in different locales, each required extraordinary flexibility and courage in response.

Where we live, locals in 1845 dressed up as Indians (their wives made the disguises and brought them to the meeting places) and fought the county-wide landlords who were acting as though the Revolution (in which some of these men had fought) had never happened. Known as the "Anti-Rent War." Guess who won?

How dumb am I? Worse than Milne, maybe, I have a bi-weekly column in the local paper and am moderating a county online news group. But, yeah, there is an element of hide in plain sight about lots of the preparation and plans I'm making. And I know 20-30 locals RIGHT OFF THE BAT who will band together against the "landlords".

Will I give them some rice and beans and will my wife nurse them and deliver their babies? You darn betcha.

Will that save us? Nope. I rely on God for that or not as He pleases. But there are lots of dimensions to preparation is what I'm saying.

-- BigDog (, January 20, 1999.

RC -

they wont be doing the pistol to the head thing, except in the leftwing areas like SoCal, MA, NYC, and the like, where the majority of the population have been conditioned to be afraid of firearms - elsewhere, such an action will very likely result in the actor having a brief, but lasting encounter with the business end of a varmint rifle...since the person attempting the pistol to the head was committing attempted murder while acting under color of law, use of lethal force in response would be least in any state where I'd care to live...

A much more likely scenario is that they will show up and arrest a few people (regardless of complicity), then harass their families as an example to the rest...THEN start asking for cooperation: you saw what happened to the Jones, well we don't want to see that sort of thing occur again, do we? No, no problem, just let us know if anybody starts talking about guns or says something against the government. Here's how you can contact us, oh, and here's an extra ration book - remember we know how to take care of our friends....


-- Arlin H. Adams (, January 20, 1999.

I'm hoping for an "event" to happen that will wake people up to this problem,so that my community will bane together, so I won't have to worry about armed resistance. I use to think I was getting fairly well prepared, but all this riot talk is really going to drive me zanne

-- zannee (, January 21, 1999.

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