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Last August I posted, on this site, the question, "Is Your Church Preparing?" Over a dozen of you helpful folk gave info about what your church is doing. Just this month, my pastor asked for "everything" I have re Y2K. I gave him both a video tape and an audio, plus a printout of the above and many other printouts from various forums. One of the largest churches here (Tacoma, WA) is now having a Y2K class on Wednesday nights. Another pastor of a small church just sent a full page letter out to his flock re Y2K. In March, I will be speaking, briefly, at a luncheon for pastors in the large meeting room at a big Bible & book store. A couple days later, as coordinator, I will be part of a 4-person Y2K panel at the same store. Pastor Chris, a woman from the Red Cross, our asst. fire chief/city emergency management administrator will be the other three. I would greatly appreciate it if more of you would post here, and if others who already posted on the previous site would post about your progress. Thank you soooo much! God bless and help us all! Great granny Holly

-- Holly Allen (, January 20, 1999


Hey Holly I'm in Oregon City about 30 miles south of Portland. Our church is offering a series of seminars. I gave the first one Monday with a focus on home preparedness. Good turnout 171 people.

They video taped it and I'll be sending copies to some other churches. I know we had attendees form other area churches so hopefully it creates a ripple effect.


-- Erica Calkins (, January 20, 1999.

Dear Holly Allen,

My church is having a presentation during services this Sunday. And.. they will hand out materials. I had a hand in this. I gave my pastor lots of info. on the subject and even wrote a summary for our church leadership. I gave them a video and prep. guides from the Cassandra Project and the Red Cross. I recently went to another local church to hear Micheal Hyattak speak. That church is large and has a Y2K task force. A new friend of mine has a Y2K committee at her local church. She is helping coordinate a meeting of a number of area churches on Y2K in February.

-- Sue (, January 20, 1999.

I meant to type Hyatt.

-- Sue (conibear, January 20, 1999.

Our church gets an "F". I go to a church in the northeast, a large one, that has demographics pretty high up on the socio-economic scale. If there is an evangelical church that can make a difference, its this one! Myself, and a few others that work in the finance/ software industry, put together a good deal of research along with tapes and books to present to the pastor. (he had told us that he was very concerned and wanted to expand the food pantry and get generators). The meeting they had on Y2K ended up being closed to us and I got a call from the secretary a month later. She said that the board determined that they would not take a community stance, instead relying on having our paper records in order. Along those lines I have a close friend is a pastor in another state- I asked him about his church's plans. He said the elders met- a few of them are high in management for the local nuke plant and corporations. They told him that Y2K was all hype and not to panic anyone. When I suggested he make plans to expand the food pantry, he asked if I was in a militia! In my church we have a few people concerned, even though my wife and I are looking for a new place. Some of those who had expressed concern about going in and buying some bulk food had the wildest knee-jerk reaction when it came to writing a check. "$200 for a water purifier? $40 for a bucket of BEANS? Are you people like survivalist wackos or something?" These are people who spend $400 on a pair of shoes! I keep telling them that if it doesnt get used they can donate it to a homeless shelter and give the hard goods to missionaries, but instead it seems to be this inconceivable, psychological barrier to actually buy extra food and a radio that doesnt need an amp. Meanwhile my parents down south are OK- their church is making plans like the writer above. My wife and I would like to move to the VA Beach area but are looking for churches with some sort of support structure. We want to get over the wall and into free America- any help out there? I think there's like 8 or 9 people in my state concerned.

-- retro (, January 20, 1999.

Hi Holly,

ours falls well behind what Retro described. NO official y2k stance other than having our senior pastor mention it once sarcasticly in a sermon. Have managed to get info to a few people, who are preparing and who have passed the info on to a few other people, etc, etc, but in a church with over 3000 members the yuppified majority are doing NOTHING. Most of the folks who are preparing are those who don't fit the common yuppie mold...and they have to be very careful with whom they discuss such preparations lest they be labelled "one of those right wing types"...this is in a congregations where the political *median* could best be described as slightly to the right of conservative Republican...

By the Grace of God, *I* am not going to be here when whatever happens, happens...but oh how my heart aches for those who will be discovered to have no oil in their lamps!


-- Arlin H. Adams (, January 20, 1999.

...Suffice it to say that I probably won't be around when my fellow yuppy parishoners finally have to face the music. I'll be back in my old home town with the "real" people. Sad. Very Sad.

"God is dead." - Neitsche "Neitsche is dead." - God

-- John D. McClure (, January 21, 1999.

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