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There was a report yesterday morning on the local radio station here in Maryland that a school system in South Carolina had a "computer glitch" this week on their W-2 forms. All employees were deceased. But the problem will be fixed by April 15. Since that report I have seen nothing about here or anywhere else. hmmmmmmmmmmm

-- Greg L. Warner (, January 20, 1999


Maybe the article meant April 1, no fooling.

-- Nofool (, January 20, 1999.

Is there any way to verify this report? Name of the school? Radio station name? etc...

-- Reporter (, January 20, 1999.

From someone who has worked on payroll systems in the past - that one doesn't sound like a Y2K problem - but rather one of the thousands upon thousands of computer errors that occur daily and are normally "fixed" during the daily course of business. I'll even give you an educated guess on how it might have happened. Either info on the form was rearranged this year and the check boxes switched positions or the school district got a different sized form this year. In any event, the check deceased checkbox ended up where pension plan was and no one picked it up in during the test print. (Heck, I made that mistake a few year back, however our payroll staff picked up on it before we printed production run and we all had a good laugh. As I recall, the call went something like "Hi John, I didn't know you were dead...")

The moral of the story - lots of computer errors occur day in and day out and they don't have anything to do with Y2K - lots of geeks spend lots of time fixing thing so you have a marvelous illusion of a well oiled machine. Using the hot dog analogy (if you knew what went in them you wouldn't eat them) if you knew what went on, you wouldn't use them.

Good Luck jh

-- John Hebert (, January 20, 1999.

your a freakin nut case,, i have seen you and that guy MONGO and we know he is a real nut , so answer to your question ,

NO we did not see any blach helicopters and maybe they all are dead, ever thing about that????


-- Ron (, January 20, 1999.

Greg, it must have really shaken you up! Your question, "Am I the only one that saw this" is then about a report that you HEARD (not saw.)?????????

-- Confused (whatdid@you.mean?), January 20, 1999.

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