Why does a giclee print cost more?

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What is it that makes the giclee print cost so much?

-- Priscilla Logan (gorillagrandma@nuuanu.com), January 20, 1999


Mainly due to the fact that Teri hand touches each one and the also because of the giclee printing process.

The term Giclee comes from French "to spurt". The process for printing the Giclee prints starts with a 4" x 5" transparency of the work which is converted into a digitized format by a computer, color corrected, and then printed on watercolor paper (the same paper that she draws her originals on). The printer "spurts" out the color at 1,200 - 1,800 dots per inch (each dot is about the size of a red blood cell). To further enhance the uniqueness of the Giclee, no two Giclees are alike as they are individually reworked by Teri using Prismacolor and Spectracolor colored pencils. Each print is then signed and numbered by Teri.

-- Roy Inouye (roy@bothi.com), January 20, 1999.

I am amazed at the patience Teri has to create such beautiful stuff - you too. This giveaway you have now touched me personally as for the first time ever, I got to see the hatching of turtles at our local beach. At first we thought they were logger head but then turned out to be green turtles (I understand they are even more rare). My kids got to use flashlights to help guide the little newborns out to the water - what a lifelong experience. We hope to see this again someday.

-- Anne Higgins (rhiggins@wilmington.net), January 24, 1999.

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