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Well folks, hate to say it, but I am out of here. I just took on a new job (ghost writing, so I can't say what it other words I do all the work, but someone else gets all the credit and I get a big fat payment) and I will have zero time to come by here. This is my first stop in close to a week as it is.

So I just wanted to say good-bye, wish everyone luck, and say that my stay here has at least been...."educational";) (and in case anyone is wondering, no this does not mean an end to preparing for me, I just don't have time to read what's here anymore)

If you REALLY feel like you need to talk to me, my e-mail is always open to ya.


-- Rick Tansun (, January 20, 1999


Good luck Rick. Hope it all works well for you.

-- Mike Lang (, January 20, 1999.

Take care Rick. Come back and visit when you can. If you need a really cool handle now that you're a 'ghost writer', may I recommend 'Casper'. All ghost writers need cool handles.

-- Craig (, January 20, 1999.


Congratulations and best of luck to you. Who needs credit as long as you're happy and able to enjoy your work? Oh, and the opportunity to make a little money and further preparations is a good thing too!

Have fun, stay well and keep safe.

Mike ====================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, January 20, 1999.

Good luck with your project Rick. Thanks for your past contributions. Hope to see you again sometime on this forum, when/if things wind down for you.

-- Chris (, January 20, 1999.

Good Luck!

Make sure the e-mail stays up! And, when it goes to bed, you could leave us a hint maybe??


PS Didn't realize that you did bio's. LOL

-- Chuck, night driver (, January 20, 1999.

Bye, Rick. We'll miss you.

-- margie mason (, January 20, 1999.

Good luck, Rick. Our loss is someone else's gain--Hope they appreciate it.

-- Hardliner (, January 20, 1999.

Later Rick! _ Hope you're not ghost writing the end of Civilisation!

-- Andy (, January 20, 1999.

i hope it's a really cool job, like helping hillary write her tell-all book.

-- jocelyne slough (, January 21, 1999.

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